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Workshop by IIMC Alumni Chennai Chapter & Career Guidance Sessions (Part 3, The Soapy Tales Case presentations)

The Part 3 of IIM C Alumni workshop started with a warm welcome extended by Prof. Swaminathan to MR. Ajay Jain Director, Enzotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. who as a moderator staged the soap case study presentation with a detailed structure … Continue reading

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Workshop by IIMC Alumni Chennai Chapter & Career Guidance Sessions (Part 1)

“Once a sales man, always a sales man… its just that you graduate to selling your dreams” – Ashok Jayaram Certainly, “History is not a burden on the memory but an illumination of the soul” With the best of IIM … Continue reading

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Bridge between learning & entertainment

Choosing between right and wrong is not always as easy a decision as it sounds. Because, what is right cannot determined in absolute terms; the movie ‘The Bridge on the river Kwai’ is a testimony to this observation. The movie … Continue reading

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Pride & Prejudice

 “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt I have used this quote on countless occasions, in a number of essays and articles for an even greater number of applications, publications and … Continue reading

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The other side of the midnight…

“It was 7 in the evening with the night sky almost whitish and clouds all over… “Thunder wow!!” Spoke one of the many who religiously worships the basketball court. No wonder, after-all sports and rain have an ethereal connection. In … Continue reading

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Snatched Away from a Beautiful Dream… Great Lakes, We Love You! – Sign Off.

A week down the line, orientation begins for the new batch, with the registration process underway. We Gladiators slip into a nostalgic mode and talk about how our batch walked into the city office in Saidapet, Chennai not so long … Continue reading

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The Last Lecture – Redux

The last lectures are always highly anticipated. Some become blockbusters, some taper into damp squibs. Some, however, become stuff legends are made of and told to generations. That happens if your name is a certain Randy Pausch or in this … Continue reading

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