Headlines Today – The plight of an MBA student

“WHAT!? WHY!? HOW!?”

“Eww… look at that!”

“Yuck! What a sight!”

“What’s that sticking out of that thing!?”

“How can something so big and round be so sickening!?”

“Ohh… I think I’m gonna be sick!”

“Arrhh!… I think I’m having a heart attack…”

These were but some of the reactions I got when I went to class on the morning of 4th october, 2008… Now before you crazy heads out there think that I have something sticking out from somewhere let me tell me confirm I don’t! (have it sticking out I mean!!)

Ahh! 3rd October, 2008! A day to remember! 2 Exams back-to-back, 3 case studies, 3 assignment submissions, 2 classes, 1 presentation preparation… all in the span of a mere 8 hours of college time… ofcourse for us students, it was a matter of days and days of preparation… not to mention sleepless nights… groups of 5-6 working together towards the common goal – Come out alive by the end of the day!

Some one told me that day “George, 3rd October is one day we will never forget in our lives” True! We will never ever forget that day. Especially me… since 3rd October, THE most fantastic day yet in our MBA studies, also happened to be my Birthday!!! And what a way to celebrate the day!

The reason for the comments in the beginning were due to a fit of insanity I had after this day… What did I do? I went tonsured my head! I guess I was half expecting the barber fellow to slip and cut off my head in the process… but unluckily for me, he was a through professional…

Now I’ve gone from Brahman to Bhrandan! (mad man) See pic below…

And my roommate Mr. Vivek also calls me “Shrek” now… and he also took a pic of mine to prove the point! Please see below!


Brahman to Bhrandan!

The Shrek Avatar

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