Livin’ La Vida Salsa…

The last 4 days have been lots of fun. We had Salsa and Jive week at Great lakes taught by Mr Unni.

26 (13 enthusiastic guys and 13 nervous girls – they were nervous seeing the guys’ extreme enthusiasm) of us signed up for the first session which lasted 4 days, 2 hours a day. As was expected, most of the girls took to dancing as ducks take to water… they could atleast float if not swim! We guys on the other hand were like those bomber ships during the 2nd world war – Huge, bulky, lightning fast, full of fire in the belly, ready to shoot – and yet sank right down into the sea :-S

Salsa, even though conceived as a form of street dance, is a sophisticated art form requiring talent and grace. A lot of the fun depends on your partner. If the partner has talent, you can hide behind that glory. Being devoid of any talent, grace was the only thing I could rely upon to salvage my pride. But from what I hear from others who watched me and some other unfortunate souls who danced with me, I scored very high on the ‘Losers Hall-of-Fame’ in both characteristics. I guess the problem is that I tend to kinda become all charged up when I hear lively music which makes me go into the realm of “Dappankooth” (a south Indian style of street dancing). Hey! In my defense, its atleast street dancing!!! At the end of it all we broke major myths – that we guys were good at dancing! Nothing could have been farther from the truth.

As for my partner, it was poor Miss Namratha. She is one of the smallest girls in our class (but very bubbly) and I’m no Tiny Tim myself. I think she got stuck with me coz while all the others were searching for partners, they probably dint see her. It was almost like David and Goliath dancing, except here David was a girl… And Goliath, as in the Bible, was me, the dumb Ogre… There was one more difference. In the legend David wins, but here neither of us won even though there was considerable violence and bloodshed… (punches on the face, arms twisting, backs cracking, toes bleeding… all the works!)

You don’t believe me? Well on day One, we were taught the basics of Salsa and Jive. So, it was pretty fine except for the bleeding toes and twisting arms. But on the second day, the variations (some, pretty complicated) started. Yet, we danced away for the full 2 hours. Many a time I caught Namratha trying to sneak out of the back door, but me being the charged up guy that I was, I always managed to pull her back in. At one point, we were to do a sequence in Jive where the guy is supposed to balance the girl by the hips and swing her down – The Back Flip (please see pics). Namratha refused to do this step with me. She was scared that if I were to lose my balance and fall on her, she would be stuck to the floor, as flat as a pancake!

On the third day, my partner came to the dance floor and took a Bharatha Naatyam stance, Y’know with hands clasping the hips…

“Dude, we are not here to do Bharatha Naatam!”, I told her sarcastically
“I’m not trying to do Bharatha Naatyam dumbo.. You broke my hip yesterday!!”, she replied with fire raging in her eyes

Eeeps… I had done it again! Anyway we took it easy that day. Thursday was the grand finale’. The guys were to come dressed in semi formals and the gals in formal party dress.

I took Namratha aside and told her with an air of confidence “Get ready to be transported to a different place!” {Wink! Wink!}
“Where? You mean the hospital??? :-P”, came her quick retort


George Mathew

Class of 2009

Some Pics


The Dancers

The Dancers

The Gents

The Gents

The Back Flip

The Back Flip

Free Fall

Free Fall

Round and Round…

Round and Round we go

Havin’ Fun

Havin Fun

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4 Responses to Livin’ La Vida Salsa…

  1. Jagatshree says:

    That was a good write up!! Was laughing all through literally imagining the whole stuff! Cheers to you and your wonderful write up! 🙂

  2. agniva says:

    superb……….even i could visualize the whole episode…poor namz!!:)

  3. Ankan says:

    Hi George,

    Good to see the log.
    Few days back I was at Great Lakes (cause I know some there close to my heart, my college senior) and in the photos I can only figure out Murali…

  4. Nova says:

    Good one! 🙂

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