The Seal of Zzugzzezzzzz…

Open Source Software (OSS) as a phenomenon has the potential of changing the business of software development around the world. OSS has come a long way from its infan… Zzzzzzzzzz….

A way for firms in the open systems business to gain traction and control over the market is to openly innovate and push their own boundaries. Intellectual Property (IP) will give hem an edge over compe… Zzzzzzzzz….

The real purpose of scientific research can be said to be an amalgamation of the truth. This truth is what we try to reach and there’s not…. Zzzzzzzzzzz…

Every industry goes through cycles of growth and decline. To ride this wave, every company needs to be aware of emerging markets and growth cycles. the moment these compa… Zzzzzzzzz….

In recent years, the contagion effect has become more pronounced primarily because of the rapid integration of global economies. Though the phenomenon of global stock market contagion comes for deba… Zzzzzzzzz….

Rural markets have always been ignored by corporates primarily due to the disparity in income when compared to their peers in the urban areas. This is especially true in the case of consumer dura… Zzzzzzzz….

BANG and there I had it! The Archimedes moment had arrived… I ran out of the library shouting “EUREKA! EUREKA! KITTI POYEEEE…” (sans the clothes bit, but with drool all over my face)

I had the answer to the ultimate question: What is the hallmark of a good research paper?

Answer: Put the average reader to sleep within the first 2 sentences!!

Man, I truly hope my research paper will be half as sleep inducing!!!


George Mathew

Class of 2009

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