Workshop by IIMC Alumni Chennai Chapter & Career Guidance Sessions (Part 3, The Soapy Tales Case presentations)

The Part 3 of IIM C Alumni workshop started with a warm welcome extended by Prof. Swaminathan to MR. Ajay Jain Director, Enzotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. who as a moderator staged the soap case study presentation with a detailed structure of soap industry and how its marketing strategy should be. Having a plethora of experience in the defined industry, Mr. Jain rightfully quoted

“marketing is something that you do on a day-to-day basis, the real-time marketing”

With this he invited the best four teams to propose their marketing strategy presentation to take over

The Boondock Saints – Gokulendu, Mukesh and Siddharth

being the first in the arena to present the case identified the outline of the case study. With Gokulendu, Mukesh and Siddharth as a team, Boondock saints strategically portrayed the soapy tales with characterization of its different usages and the key players in the Soap industry.

proposing a solution of non-ambiguous branding strategy, well-defined product line boundaries and brand elements which make unique and strong associations, this team left no stone un-turned to make-believe a full-proof branding strategy for Soapy tails.

Team DIODVAC – Avni, hariharan and Gajendran

As with the name this team is a power package in itself, briefly outlining the key issues of the case. the presenter extensively addressed the current market scenario of the soap industry keenly identifying the potential available in organised retail sector and FMCG sector.  DIODVAC equally emphasized the market threat and challenges due to competition and increased input cost.

Proposing revitalizing and re-positioning of the current brand portfolio, to create an emotional attachment with the consumer and create a strategy based on such a target proposal DIODVAC wishes to come true to the promises done to consumers.

Team SAAPS – Saumya, ankita, Poonam, Preshit & Shriram

Being third in a row of competing for that one spot at the top, SAAPS jump started with the challanges faced by the business currently, extrapolating which the team slowly identified its market strategy for re-branding M as a family soap, where as FF into men’s freshness segment and P in the baby soft segment. SAAPS primary focused on packaging and the target marketing for premium men’s soap segment.


Team BUD : Shashank, Anshul, Richa, Akriti & Bhanu

The grand finale for the session 3 for IIM C Workshop on soapy tales case study, jump starting with a power packed presentation, Team Bud left the audience bedazzled with their catchy slides. Targeting the masculine passive space in the soap industry their market entry strategy revolved around the understanding of the men’s soap segment which currently prevailed less cluttered than the others.

As quoted by Akriti

“Absence of appeal and excitement led Team BUD to target a particular segment”

With this the last session of IIM C Workshop concludes with intense competition within all the four teams and spectacular presentations to aid them. Spartans imbibed the essence of live discussion between the participants and the panelists involving a huge potential to unlearn the marketing myths from industry experts and learn the real strengths of marketing skills.

Team SAAPS was judged the first and Team BUD being judged the second in position by the panelist as winners for this session. Mr. Ajay Jain encapsulated the essence of soapy tales complete presentation in few business specific norms and factors, pin pointing teams to be more precise on numbers and re-positioning to a market friendly segment the moderator for the event factually emphasized on value creation selling.

As they say, no story remains untold. The success of IIM C workshop is a story well scripted by the arduous effort put by management, student volunteers, panelists and participants. Spartans at their best yet again successfully concluded the last session for the day.

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