The Clubbin Champs!!

TCB – What does it stand for with reference to Great Lakes? The Champions Batch… But a more relevant expansion would be The Clubs Batch… I reckon that’s what we are going to be known as.

Why? Coz as of the last count, there are 3 new clubs formed by members of the present batch. GLick – The Great lakes Click a photography club, The Fountain – A management book discussion club and a Yet-To-Be-Named Financial Markets Club. Mind, this is apart from the umpteen number of committees that we already have here at Great Lakes. And I’m pretty sure there are a couple more ideas floating about in people’s minds.

They say that the idle mind is the devils workshop… But I beg to differ. We dint come up with the Clubs for the sake of it. There is an agenda behind each of them which is integrally connected to Great Lakes in a direct way. If The Fountain is striving to instill the habit of reading up on and understanding management books so that managers can take better decisions, the Financial Markets club is trying to teach interested parties the nuts and bolts of trading and investments while GLick is heavily into branding on the institution. Ours is a very gung-ho batch with a never say die spirit. By the looks of it each of these clubs will not only survive, but go on to be quiet successful setting precedents for the coming batches.

And that’s what you get when a group of highly motivated MBA grads are holed up in a seminar hall and left to fend for themselves. They come up with the weirdest and innovative of ideas… Pitch it to the Professors and students… Gather support… And make sure that they see it to completion. At first glance, it seems to be a very ambitious to have so many Clubs, committees apart from all the extra curriculars coming our way. I mean, the seniors din’t have any of these clubs and associated extra work to content with and yet they barely scraped thru the year due to the nature of the course. With work and studies piling up, all of us have started to feel the pinch too.

So the real question is, is our enthusiasm misplaced? Will we succumb to the pressure and get bogged down? Will the clubs meet a premature demise? Will Harry meet Sally? So many questions, so lil time to answer…

Its true that only time will tell, but sometimes you just know, y’know…

George Mathew

Class of 2009

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2 Responses to The Clubbin Champs!!

  1. prashanth says:

    request you guyz to stop the referencing to GLIM and replace it with great lakes 🙂


  2. Nova says:

    Thats brilliant!

    All the best you guys with all the committee work. Lets take Great Lakes to the next level!

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