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Headlines Today – The plight of an MBA student

“WHAT!? WHY!? HOW!?” “Eww… look at that!” “Yuck! What a sight!” “What’s that sticking out of that thing!?” “How can something so big and round be so sickening!?” “Ohh… I think I’m gonna be sick!” “Arrhh!… I think I’m having … Continue reading

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Ideas Galore!

Now that we are on a lean period here at Great Lakes, everyone has found something or the other to keep themselves engaged. The latest craze doing the rounds is entering b-plan contests. (Its got an even bigger boost since … Continue reading

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Livin’ La Vida Salsa…

The last 4 days have been lots of fun. We had Salsa and Jive week at Great lakes taught by Mr Unni. 26 (13 enthusiastic guys and 13 nervous girls – they were nervous seeing the guys’ extreme enthusiasm) of … Continue reading

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The Seal of Zzugzzezzzzz…

Open Source Software (OSS) as a phenomenon has the potential of changing the business of software development around the world. OSS has come a long way from its infan… Zzzzzzzzzz…. A way for firms in the open systems business to … Continue reading

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165 X 1 – Disaster!!!

Disclaimer: This piece has been published after explicit permission from Prof. Vishwanathan Solve this riddle: What happens when you pit 165 of the best brains in the country against one of the best professors in the statistics? Who wins? The … Continue reading

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