165 X 1 – Disaster!!!

Disclaimer: This piece has been published after explicit permission from Prof. Vishwanathan

Solve this riddle: What happens when you pit 165 of the best brains in the country against one of the best professors in the statistics? Who wins? The Prof or the students? After all, its 165 against 1. The odds for the students winning is almost a given. Ahh well, such a battle was played out at Great Lakes on Friday.

4 weeks into our course we had our first twin mid-term exams – Financial Accountancy and Statistics. First up was Financial Accountancy. It was challenging. 3 Qns, 1.5 hours. We came out of the exam hall all confused about the answers. 165 of us had 165 answers. Well, atleast we had answers!!!

Then after 2 hours of Macro Economics lecture, we went in for Statistics. Our professor Prof. Vishwanathan had told us it would be an open book – open laptop exam! Cool.. No need to study any formulae.. No need to do any revision… What more could we ask for… “This exam’s gonna be a breeze, man” I heard someone say…

Well, he could not have been farther from the truth. Prof. Vishwanathan projected on to the screen what he said was a “simple problem designed to challenge our minds”. That was the understatement of the year!!! Before we knew it, we were hit with one single problem which encompassed almost everything that was taught so far in statistics. Decision Tree, normal distribution, EVPI, etc, etc, etc…

By the time the stipulated half hour was over (Prof. Vishwanathan even granted us 15 minutes over the limit), the entire class was in a kind if trance. Some were gawking around open mouthed, some were staring at the board with a lost expression, some were even crying… All-in-all, we were stumped!

Prof. Vishwanathan had, in his own simple and humbling way, shown all of us our rightful place. Hats Off!

For some reactions during and after the test, Please see pics below.

George Mathew

Class of 2009

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11 Responses to 165 X 1 – Disaster!!!

  1. Sirisha says:

    O’some piece… U’v just framed our thoughts into words. No one can least deny this !!
    To add on ‘We are Loving it’ – Rock on !!!

  2. Sailesh Chaudhary says:

    Great work yaar…its very good/… Actually i was able to visualize the test again…

  3. Bipul says:

    Really the same things happened with me. I was on an all emotion ride during the exams. One thing in addition to the description is that, the statistics exam was such that we had to solve the answer group wise, so even 4-5 brains could not solve the question together

  4. Nova says:

    Hahaha!!! good one 😀

  5. Upasana - Champions Batch says:

    Great article !!! Specially the snaps depicting our emotions !!! Haaaa haaaaaaa

  6. Man, cool updates on the college blog..u guys are doing a great job, keep the good work. Btw, the PKV thing is so true… I felt so bad after the exam, as none of my answers matched with what people said. I actually felt miserable…just passed with a C+, but guys stats is quite important in the future scheme of things, so doesnt matter if ur hurt with stats, get up and see the scar, laugh at it, and get back to another round with stats 🙂

  7. Ajay says:

    George chetaa!! That was a sublime post indeed…loved the pics…LOL

    Yeah…Prof Vishwa indeed crash landed all our so-called concepts! Hats off to that genius!

  8. Balaji Murali (Crusader) says:

    Great to see you guys blogging frequently !! gives us, the alumni to relive the fun we had during those golden days. Keep it up !

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