Snatched Away from a Beautiful Dream… Great Lakes, We Love You! – Sign Off.

A week down the line, orientation begins for the new batch, with the registration process underway. We Gladiators slip into a nostalgic mode and talk about how our batch walked into the city office in Saidapet, Chennai not so long ago – all the people we met, that we remember and the fond memories of getting to know each other, getting to know the places around the campus, discovering the campus, so on and so forth.

A walk down the memory lane of the last year would definitely be a long one, given the memories we take back – which if listed, would grow beyond the length of the ECR on which Great Lakes rests as a jewel on the scenic beach way. We are soon to be alumni as we graduate on the 28th and would soon rank high on the pecking order of giving gyaan to those who ask for :).

The story of the past year at Great Lakes, can be told in 296 different ways by the 296 different Gladiators! But definitely, it has been brilliantly captured across the year by our pro-bloggers Sivaraman and Aarti Pandey on this very medium.

Different people have derived different benefits out of the program and the net result has been positive – immense knowledge gained, time value of money (Optimizing the available time!), chartering a path to one’s future, interaction with peers (the most ambitious batch we have met till now, according to the faculty) and above all finding oneself amongst the many and identifying one’s core strengths for progress. B School probably remains the only place where uniqueness is not unique and the one year stay at Great Lakes has proved it.

A mandatory bit of unsolicited advice, we give to the Spartans, Make fond memories that you would wish to treasure, but do not spend too much of time on capturing them, there are better things to do!

And finally, wishing the Spartans a smooth registration process, a great orientation week and determination and guts to achieve glory in what may be the most illustrious year of your lives!

Quoting one of my batch mates from a Forum:

And today, we truly feel like ‘Gladiators’ at the magnificent Colosseum of Rome. The Gladiators have won the hearts of the people. The people have seen the true spirit of the Gladiators. The people know that the Gladiators are their only hope to the future, the Gladiators with their commitment towards the people of the mighty empire.

Signing off,

Amar Harish, on behalf of the bloggers of 2011

Sivaraman N/ Aarti Pandey – Weblog Team, Batch of 2011,
Venkatanathan Hariharan, Priyambad Pattanayak, Prannoy Kankaria, Narendran A M, Megha Mendon, Sajid Korbu, Nitin Pahuja, Jithendra K, Amit Choudary, Surabhi Gawde, Deepesh Dang, Deepthi Alla, Gaurav Jain, Sonal Bomb, Aadhar Verma, Abhimanyu Sharma/ Ashwin Susarla (Photography)

About amarharish

Was working as a Consultant for Five Years. Moved on to pursue a Masters in Management at Great Lakes, Chennai. Interests include Hi Tech, Brands, Quizzing, Leadership to name a few!
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2 Responses to Snatched Away from a Beautiful Dream… Great Lakes, We Love You! – Sign Off.

  1. Good luck to the Gladiators! Best of luck to the Spartans!

  2. Manoj Mamachan says:

    It’s been 2.5 weeks since I have started working but I just can’t get over the hangover of 1great year in Great Lakes.Some said you are the worst batch till date, some said you guys are just brilliant and few just ignored us, who cares when you are setting a new benchmark for Great lakes. I made some great friends here and learned some awesome stuff. I just hope Spartans are good enough for Great Lakes.

    A proud Gladiator and a Great Laker

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