Oh, why do they end?

You might be wondering why the post is titled the way it is! Yes, sometimes, in a 1 year program, things proceed at lightening speed. As Professor Narendar Rao’s Financial Management course ended, we were again left wondering why ‘Time’ likes to be cruel with us! Cost of capital, Capital budgeting, cash flow techniques, optimal capital structure – well, for people from a non finance background, grasping these terms is like getting a grip on a foreign language. Not quite so, as when I look back at the last few weeks, we have understood a very small portion of the ocean called ‘Corporate Finance’ through a perfect combination of lectures, case analysis, a small project on financial analysis of two companies and a multitude of articles relevant to the topics we covered in the sessions.

Gladiators with Dr. Narendar V Rao

Professor Rao also had some motivational snippet for every class that he generously shared. Through small videos, stories, presentations, personal anecdotes and NLP techniques, he shared some profound thoughts that all of us loved! As our routine gets more hectic, these little aspects, apart from helping us de-stress, go a long way towards equipping us for the long journey that we would embark after our diplomas. His mail to the class reads, “Today, one phase of the journey ends…From tomorrow, a longer journey begins and I truly hope that you will discover many more exciting things about the fascinating world of Financial Management.” Very true, Sir! And, we would remain indebted to you all along this long journey for getting us started on the exciting world of ‘Corporate Finance’ and for all the thought provoking motivational snippets!

– Sivaraman Natarajan

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5 Responses to Oh, why do they end?

  1. anjan says:

    I liked him so much.. He puts forth the toughest concepts in Finance in a very very simple manner, which is quiet amazing! He is very much accomodating and is too philosophical.. I thoroughly enjoyed all his 8 classes. Thank you so much sir!

    • Nishant says:

      Same here….
      Not only he is a good prof.., but a very good human being…
      I think in 8 lectures, we could not have understood Corporate Finance in any other better way than the way he covered all the concepts….

  2. Srija Majumdar (Patriots Batch) says:

    Hi Sivaraman, good to see u guys enjoyed Prof Rao’s classes so much…. i loved them too last year…. n especially his motivational materials…..
    Keep writing…. so that we can relive our Great Lakes days thru ur blogs….

  3. Muruganandan says:


  4. shwetha says:

    Whew…. a PhD in finance interested in motivational psychology was something which came across out of the box to me. Still rememebr the first class where in he said… “Dont internalize negativity”. Now i did internalize this concept. never missed a single class of His come what may..
    Thank You Sir.


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