Great Lakes Financial Inclusion Conference 2010 – Event Invite

About the event:

As India approaches its goal of becoming a developed nation by 2020, inclusive growth is imperative. Financial inclusion being one of the crucial factors for achieving inclusive growth, Great Lakes Financial Inclusion Conference brings together the organized financial sector to address the needs of the poor through a structured framework. This framework will attempt to pervade all sections of society, just as telecommunications has penetrated even rural pockets in a big way. Financial inclusion is the delivery of credit and other financial services at an affordable cost to the vast sections of disadvantaged and low income groups.

Most farm households have no access to formal or informal sources of credit and the share of non-institutional sources in credit has increased. Marginal farmers, labourers, migrants, ethnic minorities and socially excluded groups fall prey to financial exclusion. Microfinance can play a significant role in the inclusive growth as Microfinance Institutions operate in a limited geographical area with greater understanding of local issues specific to the poor.

This conference seeks to address these key issues through discussions involving the best minds in the country and tries to find solutions to these pertinent problems. Our eminent panel of speakers encompasses a broad spectrum of areas including microfinance, rural credit, agriculture, education, banking, regulatory bodies and governmental organizations.

The conference provides an opportunity to present papers on financial inclusion. Selected papers will be published in the Great Lakes Special Edition on “Financial Inclusion” to be published by Shroff Publishers.The best paper will also be published in the Great Lakes Herald Magazine.

Keynote Address: Dr. C. Rangarajan, Chairman, Economic advisory council to the Prime Minister of India

Venue: Great Lakes Institute of Management (campus), Chennai

Date: August 6, 2010

Time: 9.00 AM to 5.30 PM

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