Holi-Day: For a change we did not have classes on the 11th of March .It all started when a few decided to shirk off their days sleep in pursuit of something more colorfully meaningful.  They went to the market to hunt for all possible coloring options. It was no day for dance and frolic for Asian Paints or Camlin. However, every year the ‘Hathras colour manufacturing industry’ located in UP waits for that one single day when they sell to make a living for the entire year.

Color Blinded!

Color Blinded!

After getting back with bike loads of shades, they went on a painting frenzy, rubbing the dyes on each other till each could be recognized only by a DNA test. Next, the apartments which houses fellow batch-mates were targeted. Waking up others from sleep and painting them red, yellow and crimson became the order of the morning. A few went steps ahead with oil paints, liquid bombs and such other minor non-explosives. Eggs were smashed ruthlessly. But this time it was not on pans over the cooking stoves.

Who's who?

Who's who?


Srinagar Colony is a place where most of the Great Lakers stay .Until five years back it was not known for streets blanketed with sheaths of multi-hued stuff or lane dogs shaking off tons of colored powder. Then Great Lakes happened and Holi started showing its true ‘colors’. The party which started with just two people grew into a huge congregation of about seventy, each more unidentifiable than the other- the white of the eyeballs striking out from a mass of painted skin that once were faces.  A few looked close to breathing scare-crows. White T- shirts weren’t white anymore.

The party went on till about midday when everyone dispersed under various showers . Consumption of Soaps, Shampoos, Face-Wash on that day must have saved Hindustan Unilever from any economic setback this quarter.

It takes many of us in a trance when we think how the Holi celebrations would look like next year round. The new campus would be fully operational. ECR Highway, the road connecting Chennai and Pondicherry runs parallel and within meters of the Bay of Bengal . The campus is located east of the highway , which means that the Class of 2010 would  be hearing the splash of waves hitting their ear drums while they are busy painting each other with numerous hues . An endless beach, mild breeze hitting the skin, the infinite waters and the waves kissing the feet !!

…Smelling great. 

(Suryya Sarkar)

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2 Responses to Splash!

  1. Reema says:

    Nice !

  2. Nova says:

    I recalled the Holi during our batch!! Man! It was celebrated in true North Indian style with clothes being torn and proper gunda gardi!! 😉

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