Great Lakes New Campus: From Scratch to Concrete

Once upon a time, a professor from Kellogg School of Management     painted a picture of having a B-School   in      India which would walk the same steps with the best in business. In 2004,     the first batch entered and since then the school has travelled a long way. It was a journey marked with innumerable      potholes, speed-breakers, railway crossings and dead snakes. At times it was raining, so heavy that the umbrellas would seem like leaves.  The  trip  went  on. And when the school reached a certain amount of stability, the pressing need for a new campus was felt deeply by the Great Lakes fraternity. One said” The school has the best faculty   that    other    Indian     B-Schools can only stare with an eye of un-diminishing envy.


A curriculum that is well merged with the global scheme of things and the quality of the batches is getting exponentially better with each passing year. What we perhaps need to think about is an icing on the cake. And what better way to have that than have a full fledged state of the art campus” . The thought was put on paper, the plan frozen and sent off for implementation. Varsha & Pradeep, celebrated architects were roped in to come up with the campus blueprint. It wasn’t a matter of any surprise when they proposed a beautiful prototype of the structure. Mr. Godrej (of the Godrej industries fame) was one of the pioneers of the concept of Green Building (The Godrej CII Green Business Center, Hyderabad) . Inspired by the same it was decided that Great Lakes would have a platinum rated, state of the art , green campus, the first of its kind in the country. MARG, a major infrastructure firm won the contract of making the campus ready for the Class of 2010.

Hostels : In and Out
Hostels : In and Out

Work went underway about fifteen     months back  and the first phase of the construction is a few     days away from completion. The next batch is all set to enter the brand    new    glass      and concrete    package from the session starting April 2009 .

A couple of features that  stand out as far as the infrastructure and facilities are concerned :

          0% waste: Upon completion , Great Lakes would contribute zero % waste ( this includes smoke,   paper, organic , sewage) to the ecosphere. All garbage would be recycled into something      environmentally useful and stratospherically friendly.   A good percentage of the power   that   would   be   generated     for in-house consumption would come from renewable sources. It’s a small way of saying “long-live-planet-Earth”

          For the Finance Czars and the D-MAT-fortune makers, the campus will have Virtual Trading Terminals where live feeds of BSE,NSE and other stock indices would populate the various screens .

          A Transcendental Meditation Center for the students , where the folks would get an opportunity to lift themselves up  and leave behind the vagaries of a materialistic life and enter the realm of infinite calm. This would be a sure shot place for mind-enhancement, IQ booster and the numerous positive things that one needs to crack any cryptic crossword that The New York Times has ever published.

Main Blocks
Main Blocks

Apart from that the campus would also have a well-equipped gymnasium for the folks to sweat the stress out , a 24*7 canteen and an open air amphitheatre . Let alone the common study room, library, general store, air-conditioned and furnished accommodation/classrooms etc. Also, the beach is just a couple of miles away.

With the campus unfolding each passing day the excitement is gripping tighter and tighter. We are all waiting for the day when the lamps are lit and the first class happens.

(Prakash Randheer  & Suryya Sarkar, Class of 2009)


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14 Responses to Great Lakes New Campus: From Scratch to Concrete

  1. congratulations !! we had this dream from 2005 as JP’s and finally see the fruition in 2009. guess this is the tipping point for us to hit in Big…

  2. Nova says:

    Wow!!! Incredible!! 🙂

    Cant wait to see the new campus! 🙂

  3. Manik says:

    Awesome i must say!

  4. Abhiraj says:

    A milestone in Great Lakes history for sure!!

  5. Pushkar says:

    When shall this be up and running?????

  6. Ravi says:

    Amazing news!
    I’m going to join this campus, feels great!
    First thing, we need to plan trees 🙂

    Alums please be there on the first day, it would be a big gesture!

  7. rAja sekhar says:

    hi champions
    i am a patriot but sorry to say our great lakes alumni link is down that does not help us to build our brand.hope you can do something

    thank you

  8. Krish says:


    I would love to join this B school.. Hope i get it..

  9. Amit says:

    How to reach there?

    I’m going to join the class of 2010…

  10. sruthi says:

    i am an engg graduate….09 passout with 74 pc overall.i hav no work experience.i hav a gmat score of i stand any chances of gettin selected in the great lakes interviw fr 2010 PGPM course?plz reply soon…
    thanks a lot.

    • Amit says:

      Hi Sruthi, admission process of 2010 batch was over by March 2009. You can apply for next years admission process. For more information, you can visit

      You can also participate in ‘meat the dean’ session in which you’ll get a lot more information about the college (information present on homepage given above).

  11. sruthi says:

    i am an engg graduate….09 passout with 74 pc overall.i hav no work experience..though i am placed in HCL technologies…and waiting fr the doj..i hav a gmat score of i stand any chances of gettin selected in the great lakes interviw fr 2010 PGPM course?plz reply soon…as i am counting on ur reply

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