Thou Shall Not Quit

Try I will, I may not succeed

One step ahead, with each attempt

The fruit of success is all so sweet

The upshots of failure are not that bitter

Fight I will, till the battle is won

Strive I will, be it day or dawn

Moving mountains, with my Labour

Waking myself, from years of slumber

It’s how you define success, which is all that matters

Some say its money, some say its fame

I say it’s being happy in whatever you are doing

As when you are happy, the rest will keep flowing

In the end, when the curtains fall

All my dreams turned to ashes, all my tangibles reduced to dust

No matter how many would miss me, no matter how many would have cried

I want the world to say, there lived a man who tried

Written by Nishant Mathur, PGPM 2018, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai 

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