Malaysia @ Greatlakes, an interesting student interaction

What makes a B School truly global is the exposure it provides to its students to understand their foreign counterparts, opportunities to understand cross-cultural diversity and ways to connect with the future managers at a global level. On July 17, Great Lakes Institute of Management hosted a group of Business students from the MARA University of Technology who had come all the way from Malaysia accompanied by their professors and family.


Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) is the largest university in Malaysia in terms of size and student enrollment. Great Lakes is considered as one of the reputed institutes globally by UiTM because of its unique curriculum and international exposure provided to its students. It is with this fair outlook that they chose to visit Great Lakes during their visit to India. Students from UiTM gave presentations that revolved primarily around globalization and its Asian impacts, and compared the growth of Malaysia with India. Several aspects were discussed including the studies showing that Malaysia being able to reduce their poverty level from 40% to nearly 2% within a span of 30 years. Later, audience asked some queries on the Malaysian growth model and its various possibilities of implementation in India.

We, Great Lakers were curious to find out what image the Malaysian students had on India. When we questioned them what comes to their mind hearing the word “India”, we got some really interesting replies. The list included Tajmahal, spices and even Rajnikanth. The Malaysian students happily acknowledged that their perception about India changed after feeling the real essence of India.

Discussion moved to comparing global B Schools, especially Ui-TM and Great Lakes. Dr. Hj Yeop Hussin, Associate Professor at UiTM, Bidin said, “We already have exposure to Malaysian, Chinese, and Vietnamese B schools. Great Lakes is definitely comparable to most B-Schools in various aspects and very much a Global B School. That’s why we never had any doubts while choosing Chennai and Great Lakes as our destination.”

Dr. Asry Yusoff, Associate Professor at Ui-TM remarked that Great Lakes infrastructure and hospitality itself are clear differentiators. “Great Lakes founder and Dean Dr. Bala V Balachandran has done true wonders for Great Lakes to emerge as a front runner among the B schools”, he added.

The seeds for a long lasting relationship between Great Lakes and UiTM have been planted and would certainly flourish over the years to come. The changing business scenarios along with the new business education trends are making such B-school interactions an absolute necessity for polishing the global leaders of tomorrow.

Jyothish Jayan V (PGPM 2015)

Great Lakes Institute of Management



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