Three Challenges in Healthcare Management Today

Healthcare Management globally is quickly evolving and there are many critical changes that happen at rapid pace. Its very important for healthcare professional to not only catch up with these changes but also master the art of hospital management.  Here are some of the key challenges that healthcare professional face today.


1. Industry Standardization

The recent announcement by NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospital) on entry level standards for new, small and medium size hospitals predominantly present in rural and semi rural areas captures the scenario in health care industry.

The industry is undergoing changes in methods of delivery of services due to differences in demographic and economic segments of patients. Technology has been playing a role in changing landscape of the industry. There is also a pressure on the industry to deliver cost effective service to different parts of the country.

This has led to different levels of standardization. Hence the process of standardization continues in the industry. There is a constant need to transfer the evolving standards to an academic frame work. Though at the concept level, number of academic institutions have been exposing students to theories, application and case study approach is yet to catch up. This calls for very active participation from the industry.

2. Lack of Availability of Functionally Trained Manpower

Growth in industry poses the challenge of functionally trained man power in health care. The challenge is all the more pronounced with standards evolving as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

The present academic programs focus on imparting management theories to hospital management students. The time available for the students to get practical exposure is less due to various constraints. It is also difficult for the students to learn the complex operations of hospital management within the time available in curriculum. Hence a typical hospital management person is ready for a management role after going through a grinding schedule of 3 to 4 years.

This is especially true in the case of medical students. Though they are well trained in medicine, the training in respect of management is yet to be made as part of the programs. Hence we find a number of doctors finding it difficult to manage their own hospital operations.

3. Lack of Time and Bandwidth:

Doctors who are into managing/running their own hospitals/nursing homes neither have the time nor the training in management. Hence the doctors especially those in small and medium size category find it difficult to focus both on medicine and management, as not all of them would be in a position to engage trained hospital management professionals who are already in demand.

Hence, at Great Lakes Institute of Management, our immediate goal is to support medical professionals in managing their units. This is proposed to be achieved by equipping the doctors with contents created directly from industry experience. The academic and the industry experts are coming together in co-creating contents with application and case studies. The Post-Graduate Certificate Program in Healthcare Management has certain courses which are offered for the first time in India like costing, CRM in the context of patient satisfaction and learning IT through practice.

The program is also structured to reach out to doctors. It helps them carry out live projects on their own as they are going through the learning process.

At the end of nine months, the doctors and medical professional would have been exposed and trained in certain critical aspects of day to day management and in development of their hospital units.

To know more about the program visit –

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  1. Interesting programme

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