Some Facts about the recently concluded general election By Dr. Bobby Srinivasan and Dr. Sudhakar Balachandran

Some relevant details are as follows

  1. The number of seats in the parliament is 543
  2. BJP has won 282 of them (Simple Majority Required 272)
  3. Congress has won 44 of them
  4. Congress does not qualify to become the opposition party since they require 55 seats (10% of the seats)
  5. Opposition parties are planning to join together to form the opposition party
  6. AIADMK won 37 out of 39 seats in Chennai
  7. 66% of the eligible voters voted and it amounted to approximately 56 crores
  8. The BJP received 31 percent of the polled votes
  9. The Congress party won 19.3 percent of votes. With another 5 to 6 percent votes they would have given BJP run for the money
  10. AIADMK won 37 of the 39 seats in Tamil Nadu and took a vote share of 3.3 percent
  11. The vote share of DMK was 27 percent as compared to 44.3 percent vote share for AIADMK. Not bad but couldn’t get a single parliamentary seat
  12. BJP received 4.1 percent vote share but couldn’t get a single seat
  13. Shiv Sena received 1.9 percent vote share but got 18 seats
  14. Almost all of the television stations projections based on the exit number of parliamentary seats for each party turned out to be totally inaccurate of the lot only chanakya did somewhat ok but not enough
  15. Each party candidate was supposed to have an upper limit of 70 lakhs for spending during the campaign but the election commission could not keep track
  16. The election rallies attracted huge crowd, mostly paid to attend.

Finally, the recent parliamentary election in India was ritual. It provided entertainment par excellence. Raghul Gandhi’s interview was a stunner and he got trapped as he was fielding questions from the moderator without any data support and forced to judge. Kejrewal provided the best entertainment and he couldn’t care less for the outcome. BJP should thank him for bringing to awareness the scams of UPA. So the citizens listened to him and voted BJP as he was not really competing in the parliamentary race. He even implicated his party members in the Gujarat riots.

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