Internal Security and Economic Growth – By Dr. Bobby Srinivasan and Dr. Sudhakar Balachandran

Is a reliable internal security important to the economic growth of a country? The answer must obviously be a unquestionable yes. The economic success, while being very important will be appreciated greatly if one feels secure to enjoy it. Anti-social elements within the country, terrorists from overseas and men who hurt women and children should be the primary targets of our new government. They should be eliminated because they can’t be reformed. In Singapore, for example, all residents are advised to be on the look out for these criminals and this is repetitively told in the mass rapid transit suburban train to keep people alert. Recently terrorists group blasted a bomb which killed an innocent girl in Chennai Central Railway Station.

It is time our government must take this as a top priority. Nobody wants to expose their loved ones to this ruthless criminal. Why does this happen? Don’t these men have anything else to do in life? As a suggestion, the government should train the people currently receiving nrega benefits to become foot soldiers. They should be trained to be like a spy in ordinary clothes and to alert the police and military when they spot these criminals. These criminals will eventually become aware that they are being watched and be scared to act.

It is a wish of every one that India should become a graceful destination. Be it a Japanese who is visiting Bodh Gaya or Nalanda, or a western hippie who is making Goa as a temporary home or foreign women who is visiting India to see objects of beauty and culture they must feel safe and that their trips were worthwhile. A small Island like Singapore attracts 10 million tourists a year and so India must be prepared to accommodate at least 100 mln tourists a year if not more.

The source of income derived through the tourism could become an important component of GDP. India can easily raise 50 to 100 bln dollars through tourism and foreign reserve need not be swelled up by borrowed money but by earned money. A complete thinking out of the box is needed in this regard.

Finally as part of our national plan, the importance of internal security must be stressed. People who have specialized in the area should visit all schools, colleges on a regular basis and train the kids for self-protection. Believe me Indian women don’t need a separate bank but physical security. I hope the Indian government will treat this matter seriously and act accordingly.

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