The New Government and the Bigger Picture

In all probability, India will manage to get a new government with a single party’s majority or its near abouts. This government will in all likelihood be able to operate without major constraints like building a vote bank by offering unsustainable benefits. What then are their priorities?

  1. They should plan on winning at least 2 elections consecutively (10 years)
  2. Take measures which will ensure the 2nd term.

The measures suggested are

  1. You have been elected to power because of the support from the youth. Make sure that more and more jobs are created for them
  2. Spend money imaginatively to improve their skills. Once trained to be value added workers, this workforce will create so much wealth and the demographic dividend will become a reality
  3. Even if they were to leave the shores like the nurses of Phillipines they will repatriate billions of dollars to our foreign exchange reserve
  4. Education skill development, jobs must become the mantra
  5. Beg, borrow or steal, put the money in infrastructure like roads, highways, bridges dams, linking of rivers and what not. They are real wealth adding activities and trade across the nation will thrive with the transportation transshipment sectors booming
  6. Track the Indian funds sitting overseas, bring it back but deal with the offenders compassionately. Moral high grounds will delay the process indefinitely. See the large picture and we need growth and jobs.
  7. Fight the inflation with all the tools available. People should see the prices coming down because of your efforts. It is the mismanagement of Congress that you are now in power. If the inflation rate falls to 2 to 3 percent per annum your next election victory is assured
  8. Painstaking build a foreign reserve which will make us envy of others. Work with the Indians abroad and see how this can be achieved. Once adequate reserves are available we can buy technologies that will push up our productivity
  9. Track the flow of funds in India. If it is stagnant, it is a wasted resource. Change the tax laws to bring all the money into circulation and then regulate its flow to achieve better growth.

Mr. Prime Minister, talking from the ground level I assure you that your future continuity can be taken for granted. Along with it will come the gratitude of your people. Believe me. No money can buy that.

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