Vision with Compassion: An appeal to the new government

After a long wait May 16, 2014 will arrive. All votes would have been counted. Individual winners and number of seats won by each party will be announced. The winners will claim that the victory is either due to their policies or the expectation that they will change policies. Congratulations from all of us and hope that you have plans to improve our lives.

First, do you have a plan? All successful companies will have a vision and or mission statement. Can you please tell us as to what is your vision? What are the issues to be addressed immediately and later on? Is it possible for you to plan for the next 5 years? Once the vision is in place, can you tell us as to how you are going to achieve it? Basically your mission statement will give us a road map of how you will achieve it.

Is there going to be good governance and transparency or are you going to keep us speculating as to which and how things are going to take place? The citizens of India have high expectation and believe that their expectations will be met. Let us now divide our population into the following four groups.

One, we have a sizable majority of our population are young and the earlier government called it a democratic dividend. These young people have aspirations and goals. In fact most of the monies the government have should be spent on them. India belongs to them and they need knowledge and skill to create wealth and to make this country great. This objective is both noble and achievable. The new government should have a vision as to how make this democratic dividend work for us. Please remember time is fleeting and a missed opportunity could lead to serious consequence. Look at the modalities. They are wasted human beings and their only contribution to our economy is destruction. Kindly open your eyes and heart make sure that the young human resources ae put to good use.

Two, we have majority of old people as part of our population. They are mostly retired from their jobs and living on meagre savings, pensions, etc. They need to live and die in dignity. If the country forsakes them, we become a society with the philosophy “use it and throw it”. Inflation is hitting real hard on these people and they live in perpetual fear as to whether their savings will last their life time. What are you going to do about them? As a society we respect our elders. It is time to take a look and help them to lead a simple but gracious life. Pangs of hunger and pain should never reach them. It is said in all our scriptures that those who take care of the old will be blessed. Please have a heart look at them. Remember, we will also get there one day.

Third, we have a very large working population. They go to work everyday and bring home an income every month to support their families. They know that due to high levels of inflation their affordability is continuously challenged. Many families have very hard choices to make like either to send the kid to college or pay for the bypass surgery of a parent. Miserable as it is all essential prices have gone up beyond belief. You may be spending time discussing whether it is due to fiscal or monetary policies, capacity inadequacy, supply constraints and poor supply chain management. This academic discussion will serve no purpose. Inflation must be destroyed. Do not get caught with semantics with words like WPI, CPI, etc. It is simple. The purchasing power of money should remain stable. In the past you have not succeeded in predicting the inflation rate, and you gave a false hope that inflation will come down soon but it never did proactively. This group of people should not loose future of the country. Don’t convert them into cynics and nothing useful will come out of that.

The fourth group of people are in large majority. They are the downtrodden individuals and families who have no steady jobs and living on major income. When you walk through public places like the beach (sea side), they are in thousands. It includes men, women and children who have no hopes of tomorrow. I have seen them run after one person who is giving them a slice of bread. I ask myself a question “After 67 years of independence this is what we have achieved”, we believe in god go to temples, church or mosque but our conscience is not disturbed by what we see. Over time we have become a society of heartless people extremely selfish and greedy.

Time has come to address these issues. Mr. Prime Minister kindly open up your heart and see what needs to be done. India is a land with immense talent and skill. Open up the issues to the public and invite advice and guidance. There is an extra ordinary future awaiting us. You can make it happen. May god be with you.

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