Vision and Compassion: An appeal to the new government

May 17, 2014 is an eagerly awaited day by all my fellow citizens. The votes will have been counted and the party that won the election will be asked to form the government by the President of India. Our best wishes to them and our sincere prayers to your resounding success in all your endeavors. As citizens we need your help and support to build a caring society. For the love of people, we know that we can find a place in your heart and our voices will be heard. To do that kindly listen

  1. Children of our country have high hopes about their future. Please help them get good education and create jobs either directly or indirectly so that their dreams are fulfilled. Being helpless they look to you to keep their hopes alive. Don’t disappoint them.
  2. Old people who struggled hard to raise families and who are at the fag end of their life, the ever raising inflation is eating away their meagre savings. Please for heaven sake beat the inflation to death. This is not the time to discuss about whether the inflation is due the failure of fiscal and monetary policies, capacity inadequacy, supply constraints, poor supply chain management etc. Your academic discussion will not reduce the pain and the uncertainty they are facing in coping with the day to day life.
  3. The poor and downtrodden people totally ignored by our society are struggling everyday with hunger and undernourishment. They are houseless people with practically no personal possession. Sleeping in the streets and hoping for better days is their way of life. Like everybody else they look to you for their day to day survival. Open up your heart and show compassion.
  4. Please don’t waste the valuable time fighting among yourselves. We need your time and attention. Do you have a vision as to how to improve our well being. If not, develop a vision. The citizens are all team members and you are our captains. We will work together and get this country growing again.
  5. All your recent debates are about how you are holier than others. When we put so much trust in you how can you ignore us and behave as though we don’t exist.

Finally, we are a great nation who believe in the equality of all religion and wish to live like brothers and sisters. Don’t split us but help, promote harmony among us. When you listen to these words of appeal act both humanely and compassionately. You will feel the presence of god in all your acts and the god almighty will bless you.

So just open your heart and listen. You will hear the divine voice. Best wishes to your government and the new team who waited all this time to get into the parliament, a seat of power.

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