Halfway There!! – The musings of a 1/2 MBA!

270 days, with 129 hearts, taking 100 quizzes, solving 80 case studies, skimming 50 books, attending 33 courses, for 4 grades, delivering 20 presentations, in 9 months, across 3 terms, at 2 lakes (Chilika & Vembanad), all for 1 name…PALLAVAS!!!
This pretty much sums up the first year of my MBA!

As I bade goodbye to my friends last week, there was the realization that we have already come halfway to finishing our MBAs! And it seems just like yesterday, when I first set foot on the Great Lakes campus, my mind teeming with excitement, anticipation, a slight nervousness. A swirl of emotions in my heart, a multitude of dreams swimming in my eyes.

It seems like a paradox in itself – the last year seems to have flown, and yet, it seems like I have come a long way in this time.

I have become attached to Great Lakes in the past year. The beautiful campus – which I have now come to regard as my own, with a sense of possessiveness.  The college – which I now feel protective about. The many friends – and the wonderful memories shared with them – most of which, I’m sure, are going to last a lifetime.

I have learnt numerous things in the last year. A lot of them I anticipated I would –academic knowledge, how to handle things better, how to manage time, to learn to think from a manager’s perspective.  And one distinguishing factor about Great Lakes for me personally, the kind of faculty that we have access to, has truly enriched the learning process.



But this year in MBA has taught me a lot of other stuff too. The importance of peer learning, how to get over the limitations of our own minds and thoughts, the sheer amount of out-of-classroom learning that MBA here has facilitated is terrific.

Of course, every step of the way was not easy. There were numerous times when the pressure of the workload, the crazy deadlines, the number of all-nighters pulled off,  the ensuing frustration was all just too much – we have experienced the famed ‘other side’ of MBA life in its full glory! But this has only served to make us stronger and better prepared than before.

I met a lot of wonderful people in my own batch, as well as the Mamallaas and the Propals. Interacting and getting help, suggestions from our seniors, the Mamallaas has generated a different kind of learning, and we developed a strong bond with them.  Seeing the two batches graduate and leave campus was sad, but I wish all of them terrific professional and personal lives ahead.

We, the Pallavas, have shared a lot of happy times. The academic interactions, the fun, the celebrations, the joy of midnight snacking, the tough times, we have gone through all of it together. We have now become a family.  We also went on a batch trip to the beautiful Coorg in February, and it made for some wonderful times and amazing memories.



We have had sad moments here too, the most difficult one being when we lost our batch mate and dear friend Unmesh. Though moving on is inevitable, we carry his fond memories in our heart forever, knowing that he must be in peace, the happy person that he was.

As we start our summer internships, there is excitement and hope for what we are going to learn – armed with the practical exposure, along with the knowledge – it is something we are all looking forward to.

We are also excited to welcome the next batch of PGPM and our junior PGDM batch to the Great Lakes family.

As we return to campus in July, we will enter our second year. And it is going to better than before, I believe. We are looking forward to, and I speak for my entire batch, choose more specialized courses in line with our interests. To create another year of wonderful memories. And as only the second batch of the PGDM program, to be the trendsetters for the future batches.

Nidhi Agarwal (with contributions by Rishi Raj) – PGDM 2015

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2 Responses to Halfway There!! – The musings of a 1/2 MBA!

  1. Panchanan says:

    So nice !!

  2. Jayakrishnan says:

    Interesting read. Your memories are worded poignantly.

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