Cold war and Splitting of a Country in the Making: The Ukraine Story By Dr. Bobby Srinivasan, Mr. Chandan Palaksha

Just as the US involvement in the Middle East was tapering off with a possible end of Afghan war, the world is about to be ready to witness a cold war between Russia and the USA. Over the Ukraine issue Ukraine which was the second most powerful economy in the former USSR (soviet Union), gained its independence in 1991 .Since then the political power in Kiev oscillated between the pro-European western half and its pro-Russian east .Finally this led to tense situation built up between the major ethnic groups and this resulted in a major clash between the Ukrainian and the settled Russians.

Using this as an opportunity Russia moved its troops to Crimea where the majority of Russians are residing’s claiming that they are present only to protect the Russian minorities from being massacred.

Going back to history, in1991 when the USSR split up Crimea which geographically, ethnically and historically more Russian was given away to Ukraine as part of internal arrangement .Now Crimea wants to secede from the Ukraine much against the wish of the acting president Oleksandr Turchynov. The Crimean’s went to the poll on march 16, 2014 Sunday to decide their destiny namely whether to stay put with Ukraine or to join Russia. While the official results are yet to be announced it appears that Crimean’s will overwhelmingly vote to join Russia again.

This event has far reaching implications to the future of Russia, They view the situation as a US involvement in the internal affairs of Russia .They believe that it is the western plan to encircle Russia militarily and torpedo its reintegration efforts in the former soviet union .The new leaders in Kiev installed with the west support are the same people who staged the ‘orange revolution ‘in Ukraine in 2004 and set-Ukraine on the path of NATO membership.

Ukraine induction into NATO would be a catastrophic to RUSSIA .NATO would come within 425kilometers of Moscow, cut off Russia from the black sea and the Mediterranean and squeeze it out of the Caucasus.

Mr. Putin has a large economic plan in mind .He wants to build the Eurasian economic union (EEU) a Moscow led version of the European union .Hillary Clinton commented earlier in this regard and I quote “this is a move to re-Sovietize the region “With this Ukraine possible brake up Russia’s relation with the west will certainly deteriorate and it will have a far reaching ramifications.

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