Life@GreatLakes Take 1 – Through the eye of a 1st year PGDM student

Each one of us joined this college with different set of expectations. While some of us were in line with the ideology of education that Great Lakes provides, the rest were still in the process of figuring out what they wanted out of their professional lives. What ignited each of us was the ability to build an entity for our batch “The Pallavas”.

The world of Internet linked us all and we made our own GL- Family on Facebook. People started to pour in as and when the admission cycles progressed, everyone began to add faces to their imagination. The virtual world came to reality when the City Meets started to flow in and all of us had about 2 meets each in all of the metropolitan cities to say the least. Some of us became the best of friends without even meeting each other (Courtesy: Whatsapp) while others waited for the hostel life to bond them together.

While some of us had to cover mere 60 Kilometers to kick start our hostel life, others had to travel for over 600 kilometers . Totally,  it was a munch pot of varied cultures and all came in collaboration at Unni Sir’s induction sessions during our induction week.

We learnt salsa and danced to the beats of bhangra, we hummed “Daddy Mummy: an authentic Tamil dance number” and moved to the beats of Tango alongside. It was now time for us to face the reality: we were all gearing up for 12 hours of classes, endless rounds of presentations, a plethora of protocols, rules and nick names for all of our classmates and professors.


Coming from an avid basketball player @Great Lakes and a placecom-er, “Four months into Great Lakes and it’s funny how my life has changed. It’s been a roller coaster ride, this college and course offers you a zillion things you can do. There is never a dull moment here. From the 12 AM deadlines for projects/assignments to the 2 AM basketball matches, from a zillion competitions one can take part in to the endless festival celebrations. Great Lakes truly keeps you on your toes but in a good way”. –TanviValecha


They say that you don’t end up remembering most of the chapters that you cover in an MBA programme , but what an MBA does teach you is how to manage it all in a span of 24 hours. You skew your sleep timings and you extend your “walk” breaks, you learn a sport of two and break a leg or two; you complete 2 project reports and 3 assignment submissions in a day only to celebrate a night that paves way to a “Thursday Weekend”. In short you learn to fall flat on the ground and get up in the same second.

We cribbed about the never ending classes but an inner voice inside us got us all excited to tell the world what all extra we had learnt in a span of 3 months. A majority of us were of the belief that we had learnt more than what we had learnt in the past 6 years of our high school and graduation. The ones with full-fledged work ex had the chance to relate it all to what they had been doing all this while. Say now we knew what China had been up to in the past century and we could place facts to how most of our purchases were “Made in China”. We learnt how countries with 2000% inflation for years managed to wriggle their way out and of all things, we learnt the MBATricks to live up to the “EOD” submissions .


“6 working days. 7 hours’ service. 8 subjects. 9 hours of daily classes… Sounds like a nightmare? Well, definitely not at Great Lakes. For me, Great Lakes is a place that makes long hours, tight deadlines and hard assignments fun. It’s a place that has, in contrast to school, taught me that nobody knows everything. It’s taught us to give exactly what we want to receive, to shed all inhibition and to put our best foot forward, each and every time. What makes life at Great Lakes most fascinating is that one needs to actually experience it to believe the impact it has and will continue to have on you.”- NamrataVenkatesan


We are gradually stepping into the next phase of our GL Life, inching towards our phase of electives and fitting ourselves on the Blue Print of our Jobs – the Internships.

Advice you to keep yourself tuned in for more updates on what happens at Great Lakes. – Suhasini Jain, Pallavas 2013-2015

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2 Responses to Life@GreatLakes Take 1 – Through the eye of a 1st year PGDM student

  1. adarsh mattu says:

    A sequel to the blog is anticipated.. 🙂
    Esp. after your internships..

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