‘S’ miles to Go before I Sleep

“ Let the Dimples dig your cheeks deep,

Smiling lips look great on you,

Let the reason of your happiness renew..

And I bet life itself will have a crush on you !!!!”


Recently Walking through a Health & Glow Store,  I was swarmed by the  sales girls with a polished plastic look  and a huge smile  and I walk right into the trap waiting for me !

“Good Morning Mam, This product xyz adds luster to your lips and makes you look attractive the entire day. Priced small: 500/-. ONLY”

Before I say Thank You! there is this next girl

“Mam, we have launched a new product ABC which shall take immense care of your eyes. This Kajal and mascara gives you a sensuous look. Its smudge free and you look fresh the entire day!  ONLY Rs. 600

Now comes the icing on the cake

“This face cream cleanses all the dirt skin deep and removes marks from your skin. It gives you a flawless beauty ! Price – Oh Nothing mere Rs. 1000/-  BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT!   What’s a thousand !

2000+ bucks poorer, but  happy and satisfied to have taken one step forward to look beautiful. I thanked the girls, smiled at the shopkeeper and appreciated him for his grand collection of products. Soon after, I reached home, tired and exhausted after a full day of shopping !  I started to unpack and sorted  them . While placing them in their respective cabinets, a ‘Realization’ dawned upon me!!

A Realization that changed me completely !!! I sat down and started to ponder. Pondering about how my day was and what had I achieved today. That opened a new window !!!!

I spent 2 Grand +  to accentuate my looks? Just to look beautiful? What??

I realized what made me spend these 2000 bucks. I had forgotten to smile all these days. I was looking blank, sad and  drained ; my eyes were hollow. My face started losing its luster. My lips forgot to replicate the smiley->J.This Jsmiley was now just a symbol used over the net .

What I needed was a real Smile and not a fake smiling face . I had  failed to understand beauty. Beauty isn’t  artificial as portrayed in this glamour world. If you are happy inside, if your heart is light, then you are the most beautiful person on Earth. I got up quickly, stood in front of the mirror and started making faces.



Face3-happy and smiling


Of all the above I attempted, Face3 suited me the most.

A Smile made me look so beautiful. Then I smiled even wider. This time I found my eyes sparkling, my face glowing and lips shining. Yes, I am beautiful. No cream, no face pack, no lip- gloss can ever beat this beauty.

And here I came discovering this truth of life.

A Smile can make wonders. A light heart can achieve milestones. Life is too short to worry about petty things. Today is Present. A gift. Make the most of it. Keep Smiling so that Life itself will be tired of upsetting you. It is Ok, not to know all the answers. Live Life! Commit mistakes, after all you are human. But learn from them. ‘You’ are important. Learn to treat yourself well. Be Happy. Whatever you do, Do it with LOVE!

Smile-so simple a word, but engulfs in it so much of joy. A day without laughter is a day wasted. A smile can light up a dark night. Yes a ‘Dark kNight Rises’again.A smile can soothe someone’s anguish. Smiling lips attract more than mere shining lips.

So Friends Smile today!!-for you have one life. Life is great, make the most it.Make sure you have laughed enough before the day ends.

‘S’ miles to Go before I sleep J”& ‘S’ miles to Go before I sleep  J”  !!!!!!!!!!


PGPM 2013-14

Great Lakes Institute of Management

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3 Responses to ‘S’ miles to Go before I Sleep

  1. Sourabh says:

    Well said Purnima

  2. abhinavt20 says:

    Good work, rejuvenating and inspiring 🙂

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