Beyond the realms of ‘I’

Selflessness, it is said , is a step to enlightenment. The Gods of the intellectual world want us to be like a star, which burns itself to give light to the others! Every time I read these lines, I just have one suitable response: The most selfish person is afterall not that selfish .

Even if you think this is incoherent do read on ——
Every week I go to a nearby village to teach basic English to a group of  local kids as a part of our Institute’s Experiential Leadership program . When this program  started, there were times when I felt like an alien, left all by myself to interact with a group which vastly varied in age, behaviour, likes and dislikes!  And, to add my woes , I could not even speak the only language they understood, Tamil! 

 For some time I believed that it is ‘The Karma Theory’, as it’s called, which always makes me do good deeds, because I have always lived in the cocoon of fear, fear of ‘what goes around, comes around’! So, in spite of feeling like an alien, I still carried on.

Weeks passed, I continued teaching , but the rigorous schedule never really allowed me the time to introspect the changes this was bringing in me, until one day when I was under the weather and  had to skip one of the visits.

That was for the first time,  I felt the lack of something. Something which my vocabulary fails to translate into words here. But if I may try to closely express it, I missed being with the kids. The sense of belongingness which they bestowed upon me, subtly transformed me from an alien to their very own akka ( elder sister in Tamil). When I introspect , I never even realized how well we understood each other’s conversation only through actions and expressions. Language, which I believed was the biggest barrier, was never one, even in the smallest sense.

So, it is this love and belongingness which drives me to thse kids  every week. The giggles and the innocence which surrounds me, takes me away for some time, from the tough world we live in. It is for this rejuvenation, I promised myself to make all those kids empowered, not just in the terms of language learning, but also morally and ethically. Unknowingly, I have attached myself to this goal. Therefore, I would be wrong if I say I am selflessly involved in this task.

If I were to give a name to this, I’d like to call it an enlightened form of selfishness: selfishness that illustrates itself in selfless behaviour. Much like material selfishness, enlightened selfishness kindles a desire to succeed; but not at the expense of others. I am out of the cocoon of fear. ‘Karma Yoga’ has cleared the mist of conventional egoism and I can see beyond I, me and mine.

There is a ray of hope, that I could make them good people,
I’ll make their dreams come true, take them beyond the sky,

For I am not anymore the hollow soul I used to be,
I am way beyond ‘the realms of I’………

Sakshi Sharma
Progressive Pallavas (PGPM 2013-14)




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13 Responses to Beyond the realms of ‘I’

  1. sinduland says:

    A wonderful thought… a heart warming emotion… wonderfully explained… Great Going … God Bless your kind heart…

  2. raghupatijha says:

    Great Article Sakshi !!!

  3. neelanjan says:

    India needs several sakshi’s like this and thanks to great lakes that all the students get this opportunity the big challenge is to continue it ….every year during any good ocassion i contribute to one of the orphange called Good centre ,and seeing the joy in the eyes of the children and the intense gratification your heart melts down …..good going

  4. Ankita srivastav says:

    Gr8 wrk sakshi 🙂

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  6. mdivy219 says:

    We have those emotions inside;Karma Yoga rekindled them

  7. deepak gautam says:

    Great work done Sakshi, Keep it Up!

  8. Bharath Sreenivasan says:

    A great article indeed ! Great thoughts n superbly written !

  9. Anand says:

    Nice Article

  10. imnandan says:

    Superbly Written.. Asks you to think beyond ‘I,me..Rather you start think as HUM..

  11. Manish Maurya says:

    Hey Sakshi,
    These true and honest feelings of yours which you have brilliantly penned down here will definitely change thought process of many individuals…..
    Kudos to you…!!..Great work.. keep it up..!!

  12. saakshi01 says:

    Thank you all for your time and comments. I’m glad you liked my article. 🙂

  13. Abhishek Sharma says:

    Many salient and deep feelings have been expressed so simply in this wonderfully written article. Hats off to you Sakshi. I must say you are a gem of a writer. The knowledge portrayed in this write-up has the essence of spirituality as well.

    Great Job. Hats Off!

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