I don’t believe, I know! Part2: Alum – Astute Leaders under mask

If you believe you can, you might. If you know you can, you will. And that’s why I don’t believe we will be the best someday, I know it. But what is it that makes me say so? The reason for this ‘resolute belief’ as you might ask. Well, it stems from a single thought – I believe in my family, the one I chose to be a part of.

 The choices we make in our lives shape not only us but also have the power to chart the course of our entire lives. May it be the one to take up a particular something as a career or simply, to move on. Each and every decision we take has an impact on our future and I believe, our future is the sum total of all the decisions made in the past. I consciously decided to be a part of the Great Lakes family. I chose it over the numerous other choices I had. I could have gone on to join some other b-school, or I could have decided to not leave the job I loved. But the fact remains that I chose to be a Great Laker. And I will be one, till I am alive. So, why not make the most of it?

 As Shashwat rightly mentioned in the first part, we (Great Lakers) are a varied crop of assorted breeds descended in an unknown place which all of us have called ‘home’ at some point or another and each one of us fondly remembers ‘the one year’ of our life where we had some of the craziest and most loved times – one which we will cherish forever. As a family, we have  ‘ridiculed and criticized others. And may sometimes even have dismissed the true intentions of a few.’ Still we have grown and so has the Institution to a 600 strong residential campus in its 10th Year!

 Collectively we now need to put in the efforts to transform Great Lakes into the best B-school in its next phase of its journey like it transformed us! Are we ready to take the initiative and be the leaders we are meant to be?

 As they say, charity begins at home  – strive towards the utopia we want it to be by taking the plunge? Why talk about informal Alumni meets, why not just go ahead, create an event and meet up people in your respective areas? Why have pages and pages of discussions about making the merchandise available, why not just make sure it is? Why talk of change and not be a part of the Alumni association and actually drive the change?

 As I see it, the onus to make Great Lakes the best B-school lies on each one of us. I chose to work for my Alma mater because I believe I can bring in a change and I am willing to work towards it. I want to build the brand I am associated with because like it or not, that’s what people will associate me with tomorrow. And I know Great Lakes will be the best b-school in the days to come, because I believe in the strength of the members of the family I chose to be a part of. Because I believe in each one of us!

 Let us all get together and drive the change. From Good to Great!!!

 Sushree Panda, A proud Great Laker







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2 Responses to I don’t believe, I know! Part2: Alum – Astute Leaders under mask

  1. mdivy219 says:

    Now thats’ a true Great Laker!!

  2. great inspiration for us who have become part of this great family just a week back at gurgaon.

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