One fine day walking through the corridors of life I saw a dream,

Dream to lead, dream to be where people admire you..

This may seem tuff, and others call it fantasy…

But I call it desire, desire of what I will be….


I can see myself standing in front of many..

All looking at me in admiration…

And me smiling proudly at my determination…

eyes  searching for the seat, the one I used to occupy…

I wanted to see “that me” sitting happily there …I really don’t know why…!!

May be I wanted to tell him that I kept your promise…the promise that you made..

Or may be I wanted to thank him for the foundation that he laid…

What he did over the years to make me what I am today…

I want to speak volumes but still  have no words to say…

A deep breath I took…with a smile to say it all…

And I knew he got it even when I told him nothing at all…


Suddenly I realized that what I just saw is not yet true…

There is a promise to make…and a lot to do…

There is a journey to cover.. and a dream to make true..

A life to live, a life that is a reality for few…

I have the picture of how it’s going to be..

I would just wait for the day when I would meet “That me”..!!


Rahul Chadha

Progressive Pallavas

PGPM Class of 2014

Great Lakes Chennai


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One Response to dReAm….!!

  1. Good post Rahul. A little formatting and editing would’ve done wonders! 🙂

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