Let’s Honor the Roots first, before taking Wings…

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to all those liking my previous blog and sending in your generous feedback. Ecstatic as I was, I went on to re-read my blog again,and again, and again. Besides gloating over the success of the post, I wondered what could have been the prime reason for it to be so impactful?  Post some serious deliberation, head scratching and musing over a cup of hot filter coffee in Chennai rain, I found myself guilty of completely missing out on the biggest components of my experiences – ‘The Gurus’.

My previous entry talked about the “effect” as this enthuse humans the most. The “effect” factor brings back memories of competitions, achievements, hard work, my little moments of pride, success, and happiness. But something that I will never forget in my life is the “cause” behind all the glorious moments. With the conviction that I shared my experience inprevious blog, I feel even more assertive on one point – Had I not received the able tutelage from the faculty at Great Lakes Institute of Management, this whole journey would not have even germinated, lest be a memorable one. I attribute the “cause” solely to the guidance of the extraordinary faculty of my alma mater.

To justify how well the analogy of “Cause and Effect” fits in so well here, I’ll refer to the same headers as mentioned in my previous blog. I’m sure it will help in connecting the dots:

  • Friends for Life and beyond: I will rather call them my mentors for life and beyond, for the exemplary stature and honor they possess. At the onset of this beautiful journey, I was not sure of what Majors I was going to choose and struggling to stay afloat under the floods of confusion, I left the decision for time to decide for me. However, the very first lecture of Marketing Management – not only showed me the specialization but also the path I was going to pursue in my life. Dr. Tapan Panda introduced me to the world of marketing and gave wings to my creativity, thoughts and writing. The foundation of my success in various competitions over last one year was set by Tapan Sir, who left a mark in my mind, heart and soul. The depth of learning hidden behind his subtle sense of humor enthused me to no end. All my words will fall short for the plethora of respect I hold for him. Dear Pallavas, I urge you to read between the lines and search for your mentor who will help shape the trajectory of your future, life, and beyond. Crawl, walk, run, rush, and never ever stop following your dreams.
  • Time Management: There were many teachers present on campus who captivated me by the sheer amount of energy they exude. Being my first teachers at time management, and respecting time they taught me ways to add to the essence of our life by simply channelizing my efforts in right direction. The core courses gave us a whole new dimension of tackling the assignments and the necessity called ‘Team work’. It taught how to deal with a team of people from diverse backgrounds, interests and intentions. 🙂 Our educators here played a great role in keeping us occupied and letting us know the worth of each minute we spend here. (I know many ProPals reading this will be nodding in agreement.)
  • Go out & Explore the World:  Well, it was time for our professors who took the the burden of traveling for us from all corners of the world and share their knowledge with us. Over the course of year, I had the fortune and the honor of being taught by the ultimate authority on Conjoint Analysis, Prof. Seenu Srinivasan -Adams Distinguished Professor of Management, Emeritus of Stanford University; an amazingly gentle personality I have ever interacted in my life with. Prof. Narendra Rao from Chicago; the energetic Vaidy Sir from Florida and the most beloved Surysekar Sir from University of Florida. These are just some of the names which flashed across my mind. By the means of faculty and guest lectures, Great Lakes got for us some of the best names in academia from both India and abroad.
  • Fortune favors the Brave: We, as a team, were responsible for preparing content for our presentations; but still we never missed a chance to get back to our professors for their guidance and views. We always received full support from them and many a times that one big idea which made the difference in our presentation was the one suggested by them. It is only a matter of showing promise and reaching out to your faculty. Rest all was taken care on its own. And again who can forget the kind words of appreciation coming from Prof. TN Swaminathan once we informed him about our achievements. TNS Sir was one very big motivating factor for each one of us to take part in extracurricular activities.
  • Stretch yourself, Find yourself: Uncle Bala with his high spirits and overwhelming energy is the epitome of how far we can go with our dreams and then there is no stopping for us at any point. He is an inspiration for all of us by the means of his achievements in life and how he continues to deliver with his fantastic genre. He is a person truly worth looking up to. And when I say stretch yourself I must mention Dr Venkat Krishnan J Such was his dread that probably I was the only one reading Vivekananda all through Goa Airport till Manamai because I had viva with him at 6:15 AM next day.  I often thought that there should be an idea of awarding Great Lakes Bravery Award to all those taking his and Tapan Sir’s courses in the same term 😛 But yes on the serious note taking his “Upanishads and Transformational Leadership” Course was one of the wisest decision I made in Great Lakes. All those grilling morning 6:45 AM classes were totally worth it and so was the complete experience.
  • All’s well that ends well: The best part of Great Lakes is that the bond never ends as the batch completes its tenure. So it’s never an end but always a new beginning for which we move from our one home to build a new one. The time spent at Great Lakes continues to inspire its alumni to move ahead and take one very challenge with complete dynamism and fire.

So this was all which completed my experience at Great Lakes in true sense and made me what I am today. Time spent at Great Lakes was the time of my life just because I regarded this as the last opportunity to rediscover myself and hence got that inspiration in me. I still don’t know if I have reached the destination where I wanted to but there is one thing for which I’m pretty sure. This place has certainly started the wheel of transformation for me which I would like to continue nurturing for the rest of my life.

Thank you Great Lakes for everything!

PS: Special mention to bunch of my crazy “Fab5” friends:  Mohita, Sankalp, Prasanna, and Kriti, who like every other time, helped me think straight from my heart and spill this GL Life story on your screen.

Gajendra Sisodia

Mighty Mamalla, Class of 2013

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5 Responses to Let’s Honor the Roots first, before taking Wings…

  1. sinduland says:

    nice write up… Your positive spirit brightens the way for others… hope everyone learns from you how to make the best of the opportunities that are to be had…

  2. Abhinav says:

    Very well written.Hope this would inspire us all to achieve great things in our stay here ..Thanks for sharing ….fellow PP 🙂

  3. RAGHUPATI JHA (Progressive Pallava) says:

    Once again an excellent post … thanks Gajendra !!!

  4. Gajendra says:

    Thanks all for your generous feedback 🙂

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