The Future Belongs To The Ones Willing To Get Their Hands Dirty

When I sit down to write this blog, a current of thought flashes through my mind; of all those glorious memories Great Lakes has bestowed upon me. This nostalgic mood of mine definitely motivates me to list down the crux of learning I gathered at Great Lakes. In particular, I would like to share my learnings with Progressive Pallavas who hold the baton and will carry forward the name of institution hereafter in the coming year. In particular I would like to mention that at Great Lakes, I was quite passionate in taking part in various B-School competitions. In fact, I happened to be the first Mighty Mamalla to open the account for Great Lakers and then there was no stopping for our Batch. And I must tell you, Great Lakes was quite a familiar name in B-School Competition circuit this past year 😉

This very first contest made me realize how well one can shape one’s MBA learning curve and can even make it reach to completely new levels on sincerely pursuing these B-Plans and Case Study Contests.

Now I would like to quickly jot down the key takeaways from my alma mater:

  • Friends for Life and beyond: One of the key opportunities these contest provided me was to team up with the like minded people and prepare for case studies. Believe me, you will find plenty of these types around but you have to go ahead with the right ones. I was fortunate enough to get some of the most talented set of people to work within the teams we formed. One such person was Kriti Dua. For me what got initiated just because we had to form a team for a competition resulted in such a beautiful bond. We formed a team, participated in a HR Case Study (and yes no one of the two of us was a HR Major or HR Minor 😉 ) to be held in GIM Goa, got an all expense paid air trip from college, became first runners up and what an experience it was !! We never had even a single conversation before this contest. But yes common goals and aspirations got us together. More than the victory GIM, Goa will be remembered for the most special friend I found in Great Lakes.


  • Time Management (Yes that’s a cliché): I totally conform to the view that the busier you keep yourself, the more efficient you become and learn to manage your time in the best way possible. And also, the scope of peer learning is maximum when you venture out and participate in these kinds of contests. Tejas, Pankaj & I formed a team and were the winners of Roar for CSK, IIM Kozhikode contest. All three of us will agree that the amount of effort we put in this was tremendous but the whole experience was totally worth it. My whole attitude towards making slides and presenting them changed after what I learnt from Tejas. This guy is simply a master of his field.


  • Go out & Explore the World: I got an opportunity to visit Trichy, Kozhikode and Goa during my last one year at Great Lakes and each trip was a total fun trip. Potentially speaking, you have a chance to visit each city in this country which has a decent B-School. But why limit yourself just to this country? Hyundai came to our college and two students were selected and sent to Seoul, South Korea for its Global Youth Marketing Challenge.  I would like to specially mention that our college fully co-operates with the students going out for extracurriculars and always encourages them.


  • Fortune favors the Brave: Obviously when you go and look out for something not prescribed in your curriculum, the routine studies are going to get affected. But then it’s you who has to take a call. Do what your heart wants and the rest will be taken care of automatically. But yes, you have to draw a line and see that the purpose for what you have arrived at Great Lakes gets fulfilled. For the complete year my CGPA was below 3 but in the end my final grades came out as 3.01/4.00. This way I managed to touch the distinction and this is just what I had targeted for 😛


  • Stretch yourself, Find yourself: These contests gave me the platform to branch out in so many diverse fields and made me aware of so many of my abilities that I had never known of. Make full use of this one year and stretch yourself out to find what you are made up of and what actually you are worth of.


  • All’s well that ends Well: On the ending note, let me come to the all important query that how much all these certificates and all helped me in my placements. I had to wait for some time (in fact a long time) to get a job. I was an IT professional but wanted to get a marketing profile. I finally got a Digital Marketing profile and the single most important factor that made the recruiters believe that I could fit into the role were the certificates I earned over the last one year.


So Dear Progressive Pallavas, this is what I had to share on my journey here in Great Lakes.

Please feel free to reach out to me for any query or just to chat up. Will be glad if I can contribute with all the limited knowledge I have. You can also go through my blog to see some of the articles/B Plans I had taken part in.

Wishing you a lot of joy, happiness and knowledge filled year at Great Lakes.


Gajendra Sisodia

Mighty Mamalla, Class of 2013

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7 Responses to The Future Belongs To The Ones Willing To Get Their Hands Dirty

  1. Amar Pratap Singh says:

    Who better to tell Pallavas about this, than the master himself. Nicely put thoughts.

  2. Sourabh Shrivastava says:

    Good job was really worth the while to read about your experience..especially the time management part..Kudos..!!!

  3. Rakesh says:

    Very interesting article. Yes, grades never gives us happiness. Only the experiences gives us happiness. Many recruiters will impress by seeing extra circular things than the grades. And even when you look back after few years (say 10!), you will remember only this funny memories but not the grades.

  4. prakash says:

    nice blog Gajendra..really motivating…

  5. RAGHUPATI JHA (Progressive Pallava) says:

    Awesome article !!!! Quite inspiring

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