A Question of Faith

Part1: Alum – Astute Leaders under mask

There are many ways of penning down this article. I can take you on a fantasy ride into the world of entrepreneurs by promising you ‘aha’ ideas to fanning controversy by expressing my views on the latest Facebook alumni page gossips. However I believe now is not the time to focus on bestsellers but instead restrict my views on my personal favorite topic – the question of faith!

I am not a believer, I am neither an atheist. I call myself an agnostic who questions every happening and then chooses to believe or dismiss a claim. For a moment I request you to play this game with me. Read this piece, a very short one at that, and then categorize your affiliation – do you feel reasonably proud to be an Alumni of Great Lakes?

How does one institutionalize the feeling of belonging to an organization? Perhaps this intangible element has no empirically proven method and hence becomes the greatest challenge when running an organization. I have always wondered why in IT companies, objects like computers are coined assets while the humans are termed resource.

Are we just stocks on which our companies can draw in order to benefit dollars and pounds? I believe not. We have listened to innumerable discourses where leaders have declared people as their biggest assets. Question hence arises – why then there is this debatable demarcation in the categorization of what is an ‘actual’ asset and what really contributes to an organizational growth?

If I were to run Great Lakes (everyone claims to be a better alternative these days!), the only change I would suggest is “building contemporary patriotism in today’s cynical age” as a core subject. From time immemorial, we have all had opinions on topics ranging from politics to cricket. How we wished the liberals would dress up in saffron or for that matter Dada and SRK would be best pals. 

When it comes to Great lakes, have we ever thought on how we compete with student’s quality in other management institutes across India? Why focus on students alone in the first place? Well because we are the greatest promoters of the Great lakes brand.

One way to see things in perspective is through various competitions that we engage as MBA students and the trophies that we win. Frankly in my two years of association with the college, I have been discombobulated on how we manage to win every second competition. This claim might be too fancy but nevertheless a true indicator that we are amongst the best peer community that any institute has to offer.

We might ridicule and criticize each other. We may sometimes even dismiss true intentions of the few Gandhians, who once in a blue moon pop up from amongst us and offer solutions. However we are a varied crop of assorted breeds descended in an unknown place which we call home and later fondly remember all our lives for the lovesome memories and crazy times.

Ask yourself this – We never chose to be born in a family but still feel emotionally obliged to their wellbeing. Didn’t we choose, at least at some level, to do an MBA from Great Lakes? Choice was ours and so will be the repercussions. Believe me when I say that a drop of inspiration, a mere sight of an inspiring article, an example of a ‘jugaad’ entrepreneur can bring revolutions and make the same hesitant and not so active alumni of Great Lakes, the most influential and visible of them all.

I still believe Great Lakes will be the number one MBA college in this country. The moot question is, do you?

–        Shashwat Rai

Spartan, Batch 2012

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One Response to A Question of Faith

  1. Namrata Singh says:

    I don’t know about being the Number One…. But it certainly will be no less from any other college in any way!!

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