When Miami meets Chennai

Students from the University of Miami learn leadership lessons from Great Lakes

“Leadership cannot be learnt in the classroom but only with experience and concern for others” is the motto of Karma Yoga, a leadership experiential program founded by Dr Venkat R. Krishnan. On 4th March, 22 management students of 7 different nationalities representing University of Miami, USA along with Dr Vaidy Jayraman came to visit and experience the unique way of learning leadership from 20 students of Great Lakes who have been associated with Karma Yoga for 9 months now.


The day began with Dr. Krishnan delivering a speech on Leadership and Karma Yoga and explaining the visiting students how it is done at Great Lakes. Students from Miami were enthralled to know about it and shared their own experiences of community work concept in the USA. This was followed by a case study on social entrepreneurship initiatives of rural Gujarat where students from both the institutes sat together to exchange ideas and come up with solutions to potential social issues of rural India. The interaction was a platform for all the students to learn from each other’s social and cultural background and turned out to be a very enriching experience for each one of them.


To show how far Great Lakes had reached in achieving its objectives of Karma Yoga in the past few months, a village visit was planned for the Miami students. They visited the Hope school at Pudupattinam where Great Lakes students had started up a lot of educational activities and later an organic farm at Natham-Kariacheri which again had a lot of initiatives from the Karma yoga students. After the visit most Miami students stated that they had never known this aspect of leadership and relationship building and found it very interesting and helpful.

The day ended with students of both institutes bonding with each other and learning some valuable lessons of leadership- relationship building and concern for others, an important aspect of management education.


Akshata Pai|PGPM

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