L’Attitude 13° 05′ – A 6th serving of Great Lakes’ annual inter B-school fest

29th January 2013 marked the beginning of the 6th edition of L’Attitude 13° 05′ – Great Lakes’ annual inter B-School festival. The festival features a potpourri of events and competitions that encompasses various spheres of management education in the field of marketing, finance, operations, strategy and Human Resources and provides an amazing platform for the brightest of the minds across the world’s best Business schools to showcase their unique talents and compete against each other in various events spread across different functions.

Spread over a period of two days, the festival comprised of 10 events which was thrown open to all the B-schools across the country coupled with a Rock Show by Parikrama on the 1st day and a Cultural Extravaganza by the students and staff followed by DJ night  on the 2nd day. The fest saw an overwhelming participation from all over the country which proved that L’Attitude 13° 05′ has made its mark in the annual B-School festival arena and that it is getting bigger and better with each passing year!


Parikrama’s Performance


The mesmerised students…

The festival centers on a different theme every year on which distinguished guests from various walks of life are invited to share their experiences and insights with the students. The theme for this year was ‘Business Darwinism: Be Distinct or Be Extinct’. The event was inaugurated by Industry stalwarts like Mr. Nitin Paranjpe – CEO and MD, Hindustan Unilever Ltd. and Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan – Vice Chairman, Cognizant Technology Solutions Ltd. on 29th January and was closed with the valedictory address by Mr. Shanker Annaswamy, Senior Advisor – India Enterprise, IBM India/ South Asia on 30th January.


Day 1 (29th January 2013)

During the inauguration, Dr. Bala V Balachandran, founder and dean of Great Lakes, spoke about the importance of developing a good attitude for B-school graduates in his enthralling welcome speech. He emphasized on nurturing and practicing the core values like ability with humility, passion with compassion and mobility with nobility. He also spoke about the relevance of the theme in today’s rat race when the businesses have no option but to be distinct and different from the rest in order to succeed.


Uncle Bala welcoming the gathering

The inaugural address by Mr. Nitin Paranjpe was spell bounding to say the least. The charismatic Mr. Paranjpe spoke about the importance of ‘focusing on change’ in order to stand out in this competitive age by citing the example of internet and how it empowered people and transformed the society by democratacizing information and expression. He also cited Peter Drucker’s definition of profit to remind the audience that the purpose of business isn’t making profit but serving the society. Further, he said, that the businesses will cease to exist in the future unless they reinvent capitalism by going back to their roots and start focusing on creating shared value for the society.


Mr. Nitin Paranjpe’s inaugural address

In his key note address, Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan spoke about the three qualities a great leader must possess in order to successfully lead an organization viz. determination, humility and innovation and then spoke about the future possibilities of focusing on innovation to stay ahead of the competition. He then spoke about the need of the hour  being the creation of a new model of innovation to bring about convergence by citing the example of information technology and how it brought about a convergence in the telecom, media and entertainment sectors. Mr. Narayanan also emphasized on the importance of developing a Social Quotient for the future leaders in order to be able to interact with people and to co-exist in the society.


Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan’s Key note address

Post the inaugural ceremony, Spandan, Zoopraxis, iHuman, Nirnay, Glickr and Inquizito were condusted on the first day before closing with a spell-bounding 2.5 hours of performance by Parikrama.



Day 2 (30th January 2013)

Uncle Bala inaugurated the Closing ceremony where he talked about the importance of being Glocal in today’s world and coined a new phrase “Global issues, local tissues” in his trademark style before welcoming and inviting the Chief Guest, Mr. Shanker Annaswamy, to give the valedictory address to the students and guests.


Uncle Bala with Mr. Shanker Annaswamy

Mr. Annaswamy, a pioneer of transformational leadership, spoke about his vision of transforming India into a leadership position in the world economy and shared insights as to what India can differently to reach there in the not so distant future. He also talked about the “Globally Integrated Enterprise” and how the world is becoming a seamless business playing field.

Mr. Shanker identified urbanization, Energy, Water, Transport, Education and Financial Inclusion as the key challenges in the way of transforming India into leadership roles and went on to speak about the emergence of an instrumented, interconnected and intelligent world which provides us with amazing opportunities to ‘think and act in new ways’ and to make India a ‘smarter nation’. He emphasized the importance and emergence of Big Data by saying that “Data is like Oil, fuelling economic growth”. He also talked about intelligent electricity grids, intelligent transportation systems and other areas of opportunity that can help the country in emerging as a global thought leader and finished his presentation by sharing the totem for transforming the country and hence the world: Innovative Vision, Collaborative Partnerships and Forward Thinking Leadership.


Chief Guest – Mr. Shanker Annaswamy delivering the valedictory address

The valedictory address was followed by the prize distribution and felicitation ceremony for the events that were conducted during the fest which was a grand success. This was followed by a Cultural extravaganza by the PGPM and PGDMstudents and a DJ night to celebrate and mark the end of months of planning, team-work, efforts and sweat put in by the students in order to make this fest a grand success.

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