The Innovation Talk

Great Lakers were on a knowledge spree when just after a day receiving an excellent lecture from Dr Richa Pande on HR domain, Mr S.S.Prasad Satyavolu, Global Head- Innovation, Manufacturing at Cognizant Technology Solutions landed on the campus. Mr Prasad had a very informal but thought provoking discussion on innovation in business with students here. He started the discussion by showing videos on organ rebuild and Google’s driverless car concept. Students shared their ideas about innovation and later Mr. Prasad elaborated by giving business implementation of the same. He made the discussion livelier by taking us 3 yrs future forward and asked us to imagine the role and challenges of innovation then. He emphasized that companies like Google, IBM, and Cognizant are excelling in innovation by forming a close knit community. He also shared that new age technology can help people overcome behavioral issues they face in the process of innovation. With example of Disney he explained the concept of thinking creatively in a box and contextualizing your idea each time. He stressed upon that one innovation will not feed you for life and that company have to keep themselves engaged in this process. He ended the talk by giving examples as to how leaders are promoting innovation and how by applying the known to unknown areas, companies can always have an edge over the others in field of innovation.

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