HR Practices for Functional Roles

The question, “Why a good perspective is important for a Functional Manager” enlightened our minds by the speaker Dr Richa Pandey, Director HR, iGates. Dr Pandey. Dr. Pandey who has experience of over 20 yrs in roles of academician, management consultant and practicing manager, started on alight note where she showed a video of a person proving that 25 is 5 times 14 and not 5 times 5. She emphasized on a point from here that it’s more difficult to understand Humans Psychology than finance and marketing roles and each person has got its own independent and unique way of thinking.  She explained the importance of understanding people’s perspective and the ways to achieve it. She also told us about the seven seismic shifts one undergoes through a transition from a team member to a leader. How HR excellence is achieved and how iGates has managed to be in the top of the best recruiter list of DataQuest was told in an elaborative manner in the session. She also described the roles of a Functional Manger as to Recruit; Train; Engage; Growth and Reward in the right manner. The engagement model should primarily be based on the Technical; Functional and Behavioral aspects. The session concluded by sharing with us the expectation from the functional manager. One should involve all people responsible for project and reward good performances with specific plans to achieve deliverables and set milestones for the progress of the plan. This followed by a question answers session from the students where the students put across their views on the points raised and had their queries answered. This way just before placements season a very informative and an engaging session on HR practices from Dr Pandey seemed to be a real help for our preparations.


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