Citius, Altius, Fortius…

…. And more broken bones than Unni’s ice-“breaking” sessions!


Going by the title of the blog post, I am sure you would have figured out that this post has something to do with Olympics. Well, your guess is close enough, just that I am going to blog about the first ever inter-section sports meet that is still going on in the campus.

First up, I would congratulate the Mighty Mamallas for lending a legacy to the Institute by kick-starting an “annual” sports event with a running trophy bearing the “Mamalla” badge on it: This is no mean feat given the complexity of our time table schedules, the single-play-all-sport-here basketball cum volleyball court and our generally sad levels of fitness!

Having said that, the thrill and the excitement were high and the entire sporting event Was designed to bring out the competitive spirit of the Mamallas in sports and games like badminton, basketball, table tennis, football, cricket, tug-of-war, volleyball and wait-for-it… Counter Strike!

The Student Council has played an active role in making this event happen- right from conceptualizing the pattern, the scoring and the formats to procuring the sporting goods and equipment. Hats off to the StuC for the time and effort put into the event.

Moving on from the praises to the actual event(s): on 6th September, 2012, as the Sun shone without mercy, beating down on our Basketball court, teams from all four batches were eagerly awaiting Uncle Bala, Prof. Sriram and Prof. Sanjoy Sircar to announce the games open- and after a few minutes of wait, we saw Uncle’s Pajero (Read “Paharo, in Spanish” J ) came to a screeching halt in the middle of the pathway. After a brief 20 minute speech on the importance of sports and recreation and how he himself was a University level Cricket player at the Anna University, Uncle, along with Prof. Sriram and Prof. Sanjoy Sircar, unveiled the trophy and announced the games open. Uncle went into serve the first volley in the middle of the afternoon- Amazing, I must say!


Finally, the games are underway and have stretched beyond a month owing to our busy schedules. The aura has been electrifying. Batchmates were seen cheering their teams by wearing the colors allotted to the respective batches (Red, White, Blue and Black). The fanaticism has been almost addictive and so have the “fan-wars”.

Finally, at the end of the month long “sports meet”, I must say that the Mighty Mamallas have successfully been able to instill life and liveliness back into the Basketball Court area after a pretty morose term 2. Finally, we have regained our turf from the numerous dogs who had occupied the volleyball court and done justice to that sacred space allotted to us by the gracious architects(Both literally and figuratively) of GL.


At the end of this month, we have had many champions amongst us and an equal number of fractured legs; probably surpassing the last “broken-legs” record set during Unni’s Ice-Breaking sessions. The meet is still on and we hope to lend Great Lakes a tradition that would put us on the sporting map of the B-school space in the years to come.


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