Diwali Celebrations

The grand festival of the Diwali was here and we celebrated it the Great Lakes style, coming together like one family. It was a beehive of activities with a bunch of us gathered to decide how to go about the festivities. – Lights, sweets, crackers and what not ! there was this zeal to make it big since all of us were away from our homes on this grand occasion. Though it’s a Hindu festival to welcome the comeback of Lord Rama but the spirit made it one big cosmopolitan !! The organizing committee was formed voluntarily and involved themselves day and night in planning to make this Diwali as eventful as one would generally celebrate it at home.


We decided on various activities, distributed work and took charge of the upcoming festival of festivals. Students contributed towards the fund for Diwali, so did college. We checked on the arrangements for lights, sweets, decorations, diyas, candles, crackers, colors, ceremony items (pooja samagri) and all the required. We started the preparations 3 days before and with every passing hour our enthusiasm towards it increased exponentially. The whole campus was illuminated with lighting all over, reds, blues, greens and yellows, people moving around the campus for preparations, decorations, rangoli. It indeed felt like being at home.


We all came together in the evening to the temple for Lakshmi Pooja, dressed up at our best in traditional wear. We sang in unison the aarti and celebrated the grand festival with sweets and wishing each other “Happy Diwali”. The whole campus looked splendid with various colors of lights and rangoli gave the feeling of being at a grand home and the people around as a huge family. We were still waiting for the most exciting part of the day – bursting crackers. So we shot all the colors to the sky with rockets, rays, bombs and other crackers. All of us were exhilarated to make the most of the day and made it big for ourselves. The colors and lights all around elevated our spirits to see the beauty and sound of crackers thrilled our hearts with delight.

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