“Environment consciousness and sustainable earth: from awareness to action” In conjunction with PARYAVARAN 2011- “closer to green sense”

 “Nature is an elixir to living”

After extending a warm welcome towards the guests Dr. Nanditha Krishna and Dr. Prabhat Kumar, Pratibha and Abhishu enthralled the audience with a beautiful rhythm, while lighting of lamp by Prof. Swaminathan, Prof. Sriram and the guests Prachi captivated the atmosphere with a beautiful piece from Vande Mataram.

Prof. Sriram Addressing the Spartans and the Guests defines the true grit of this cause and the difficulty it takes to bring about the consciousness amongst all of us. He quotes “that the green awareness is a business necessity; it will not be far when organizations will have to report their contribution and effect to natural conservation just like financial reporting.” He talks about the triple bottom line, profits, people and planet and stated that those global organization who are contributing towards this cause also enjoy a great brand image.

“It is no more a luxury, it is more important for all of us to look into it in a serious fashion”.

Extending a warm welcome, Professor Sriram & Professor Swaminathan honored the guests with a punnadai and flower seeds. Inviting them to share their wisdom with us

Our Guest, Dr. Nanditha Krishna

A Ph.D. from Bombay University, has been the Director of the C.P. Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation since 1981, and is the founder and administrator of its various constituents, C. P. Art Centre, C. P. R. Institute of Indological Research, Saraswathi Kendra Centre for Children (with learning disabilities, dyslexia and autism), Shakunthala Jagannathan Museum of Folk Art, and The Grove School.

Having a candid talk with the students she engrossed all of us into the lyrics of the Vande Mataram, leaving the foot prints of harmony in nature she spoke about few major causes that invigorates the natural imbalance in India, one of them being the Garbage issue “work out systems, India is the world’s largest recyclers, so all can be recycled”. She emphasized that development is change and no change is sustainable. As development cannot be stopped so our contribution would be towards sustainable living. Equally focusing her talk on panch bhuta and the diverse factors such as leather usage, ground level water, fresh water rivers and the air pollution she explores a holistic picture on where the natural imbalance stands.

“Living in this lovely campus, one would not realize that India’s urbanization has been a disaster” giving various examples Dr. Nanditha shows a drastic picture of ecological imbalance. On a closing note she nurtures the cause of sustainable living in harmony with nature by stating “We come from a culture which has respected environment, but today the scenario is very different. If we don’t respect, the nature would not respect us back”

Welcoming our next guest, Dr. Prabhat Kumar

Director, BHAVINI (Bharatiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Limited)

A Mechanical Engineer and has many “first of its kind jobs” to his credit in Nuclear Power Program for India. His assignments over the years from Design, Procurement, Reactor Maintenance, QA and ISI, Life Management, Remote Tooling and Construction. He has distinction of working on Pressurized Heavy Water as well as Pressurized Water Reactors. Due to his persuasive capabilities, ability to motivate team, ability to deal with design organizations and past record of working at great speed, has been assigned to construct Fast Breeder Reactor Project (PFBR) in the capacity of Project Director

Addressing the batch of Spartans, Dr. Prabhat inviting great lakes to kalpakkam he motivated the audience with the technological studies and advanced being carried out for energy production in the country equally sustaining the ecological balance of the surrounding. Emphasizing on the importance of PFBR project he invites the students to explore the most cleanest nuclear power plants “we have occupied a very small portion in the life span of the earth, but we have done enough damage that goes beyond our timeline”

Going forward with the event Dr. Bala Balachandran sends his message for the Great Lakes Family, emphasizing on “the attempts made by the various organizations to increase awareness towards saving nature” stating his gratification for all the green initiative, Dr. Bala inspires students of Great Lakes Institute of Management to be more environmental conscious.

The green committee showcases a small video on the green initiatives taken by Great Lakes under its construction and structuring of the platinum rated campus. The paryavaran-2011 initiative showcased students from the Spartans batch taking up day to day causes and acceptance making a difference towards the society.

Brining in the wagon of winners for various competition organized by the Green Committee.

Winner for Green Quiz – Abhishek Haldar

Runners up – Mr. Vikram Choudhary, Gauthem Karthik, Sanju Thomas

Winner for Quiz 2 – Saurabh Goyal

Runners up – Atif Alam, Ruma Patra

Winner for Quiz 3 – Naman Arora

Runner up – Sachin Kulkarni

Winners for Green Logo – Pranita Dhamdhere

Winner for Green Slogan – Sahil Kukreja

Winners for Green poster making – Rituparna Kashyap & Rahul Ray

Winner for Green’o’graphy – Suprabhat Gupta

Winner for Green Ads competition – Kumar Mukesh Singh

Honoring Dr. Muthuraj for his green initiative ad campaign, Spartans enthralled the halls of Lake Veeranam and Mansarovar by the thunder of claps.

Prof. Swaminathan marked the closure of Paryavaran-2011 by presenting the vote of thanks on behalf of Great Lakes Institute of Management. Extending our gratitude, professor thanked our Guests and promised to meet efforts towards this initiative as best as we could.

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