Workshop by IIMC Alumni Chennai Chapter & Career Guidance Sessions (Part 2, The Case presentations)

And the battle begins,

Be it the warriors of Athens or the board rooms of conglomerates, the possession of the top is an infectious disease. The viral has well spread to the four best teams (New Wave, Challengers, Just in Case and Lemon Aid) presenting their analysis and market  propositions for Nimbooz.

The stage is set, the panel is ready and the game is on.

Sonali from Team New Wave quotes with their exemplary presentation stating their high points as

“Team New Wave presented an in-depth analysis of “Lemon-Aid Strategy” case, it equally made recommendations that revolved around bringing new variants of Nimbooz (spice and Masala variants), involving health specialists as brand advocates to boost overall sales.”

Team Challengers showcasing an upbeat competition with a plethora of speculative questions and strong contenders, Nishtha Dewani, Amit Pal Singh Bagga, Rohit Aggarwal and Vivek Gupta presented a spectacular with a strategic sales pitch in Nimbooz  at the fast food outlets where the cheesy flavour is counting on calories.

Their target point hits high node with their proposition of Nimbooz as a non-sugared version to target the health conscious and mocktail segment.

Not to far was the next high on energy team, Just in case with a case presentation done by Pratibha, Naman, Kashish and Divya showcasing a clear structure to a marketing strategy. well touted by the panel and well grilled by the audience ‘Just in case’ left no doubts about their presence and understanding of the case.

Naman from the team says it all by encapsulating the following lines

“We suggested keeping it simple, with only limited variations, as complexity may not gel well with the product. While continuing to target out-of-home consumption, we recommend focussing on the freshness of the product, and its refreshing effect. Health focus can be achieved by introducing Diet Nimbooz to bolster sales in the health-conscious segment. Also introducing a Rs. 5 Returnable Glass Bottle (RGB) would help capture the more price sensitive consumers. Since it’s a product consumed across age groups and geographical locations in India, the marketing communications should have a wider focus than just the youth.”

The last to mark the grand finale was Group Lemon Aid, giving a fair fight and enthusiastic approach to their strategy to introduce Nimbooz as a substitute to home made drink and mixers. Advaita, Sahil, Jaywardhan and Sourabh did present to be the true crusaders to mark the finish line. As quoted by the team members

“The presentation looks forward to the strategic path to make this brand into a mega brand. ”

They say no show ends without a show stopper, today not one but we had 4 teams beckoning the exemplary show stoppers for the closure of the first session of IIM C workshop. Mr. Prateek Pota enveloped his suggestions and ideas marking the end of the lemon-aid case study presentation

The grand Finale gets done with the first prize bagged by team ‘just in case’ and second by ‘Challengers’. Truly speaking, nothing else can be better than a well deserved accolade.

And yes, whatta game it was!!

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  1. Syd says:

    v well written!

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