Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara- An excellent AIETA Model for New Product market


Second time director Zoya Akhtar’s Spain odyssey takes you on an adventurous ride full of drama, romance and camaraderie between friends. Mostly shot in the beautiful land of Spain, the movie oozes energy of youth and refreshes you.  Javed Akhtar’s splendid lines “Dilon mein tum apni Betaabiyan lekar chal rahe ho.. toh zinda ho tum” (If you have eagerness in your heart, it means you are alive) keep echoing forever. But even beyond these apparent themes there is this disguised objective in the movie which many marketing fellows will agree to.

Just remember the splendid blue sky of Sevilla marvelously painted by Carlos Catalan’s fluid camerawork .You watch three guys jump from a plane one after another, your adrenaline rushes at Rajni speed. The last one to jump is just like you, frightened of heights, not sure to do it. Or maybe your personality is more like the second one, completely ecstatic about it. Nonetheless there is this seed planted in your sub-conscious inadvertently, a message that gets conveyed to the depths of your brain “Ultimate fun is in Sky Diving”.

Cut to scene 2, the hunk is sweating, facing his fear of water. You feel connected to him, it has happened to you so many times. You have just let it go because you were frightened. But this time your lobes see a different image. You see him overcoming his fear and challenging the extremes of it, a ‘deep sea dive’. At the same time your brain is conditioned with the presence of an immaculate beauty to exaggerate the sense of enjoyment. You love the blue water with colorful fries moving all around, the music takes you into a journey of soul.  And tadaaa, message no.2 received “Adventure sports are safe and extremely enjoyable”.

Your mighty brain takes no nanoseconds to web all these different messages, planted across the movie, into a story which tells you how you can overcome your fears and go for the ultimate fun and enjoyment via adventure sports.

It might not be evident on the face of i , but Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara exquisitely camouflages and uses  the age old marketing steps of product market development. The five steps defined by George Beal and Joe Behlen  in 1957, Awareness, Interest ,Evaluation, Trial  and Adoption to target a fairly new Product market  “Adventure Sports in India”.  The story plot weaves unforgettable images of the product and  ensures capture of  customer’s mindshare as they journey across the AIETA steps.

It targets a particular segment of consumer, set of rich young persons in intersection with set of individuals having paucity of time. These consumers have a tendency to do stuff which is not runoff the mill, they associate prestige with their products. And what better than adventure sports to cater to all these values, addressing prestige, symbolizing fun and providing psychological gratification with notion of achievement.  Above all it makes such an interesting topic of discussion for their next social meets, with different stories behind each jump and different colors in each dive.

The movie works hard to belch out the pre-activity details of each sport and makes it a point to customize them for the varied personality traits. There is this trio of an enthusiast, a reluctant and an indifferent personality, which broadly covers the various consumer behavior styles. And without the knowledge of viewer marketer has won the race in crossing the “Awareness” stage.

“Interest” generation is easier now, with charm of characters portrayed by superstars having youth icon status, who keep running into viewers face every time he switches the idiot box on. In combination with   various promotional shows where they joyfully pour the details of fun they had while shooting for these sports.

As mentioned earlier, the positioning done in the sub-conscious of viewer, the seeds planted, manifests itself in anyone who has crosses the above two stages. There is already an acceptance build which guarantees a positive result out of the “Evaluation” of adventure sports.

And now when the iron is hot the only task left for the  potential beneficiaries and  masterminds behind these awesome idea   is making available the “Trial “ process  to  such consumer and ensuring there is no dissonance in the promised deliverables ,“Thrill, Fun, Success, Pride” ,eventually leading  into the “Adoption “of adventure sports as a brand by  loyal customers. Customers, who will be more than happy to be its unofficial brand ambassadors in their own domains.

To sum it all, ZNMD thus duly succeeds in setting up a cushioned platform for the forthcoming sequels of an Integrated Marketing Campaign for   “Adventure Sports”.


Pranav Gopal Jha

Film Appreciation Club

Great Lakes Institute of Management

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Great Lakes Blogger from Spartans Batch 2012.
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3 Responses to Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara- An excellent AIETA Model for New Product market

  1. Dagar katyal says:

    Nicely put

  2. Kanika Aggarwal says:

    nice write up pranav .. 🙂

  3. Vivek Singh says:

    🙂 nice one mate..!!

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