GL Sports Meet 2011

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” 

                                                                   – Shashwat Rai

                                                                            (with valuable insights from Ravisekhar)


“Being out there, conquering every hint of fear.
The untold story of the six was yet to flare.
Naive and fearless we stood with nothing to lose.
Victory and defeat had the sides to choose.
They won the match and us the hearts.
The victory for both, divine played smart”

Our noon lecture had just finished – a grueling 3 hours with marketing and branding sprinting marathon in my mind. Catching hold of my friend X who was busy painting the world of social sites with his interesting updates (like the one above from Imran) on the sports meet that was underway in our college, I headed towards the mess. As we waited in the queue for our lunch, the air conditioned thoughts of the impending match loomed heavily on my mind. I was asked to cover a football match for the blogger’s diary.

Gosh football and me!!!

Football is one game that truly inspires the whole world community but ask a die-hard ‘Indian’ cricket fan and you will have scores expressing indifferent responses. I was no different and was wondering how to be true to my present job knowing very well that an off-side never turned my thoughts on.

Mister X solved the problem. It was lunch time and the famous ‘salad-bar’ of our college was decorated with its usual mouth watering offerings.

The private tutorial of Mister X commenced…

“Dude, suppose this pepper here is our Goalkeeper.” The pepper looked lost in his giant hand.

Picking up a piece of shell pasta and its rotini cousin he continued, “And the rotini is the defender. Also let this shell here be the attacker. Now, when the ball’s played forward, the shell has to be level with the rotini. Hello, now concentrate… Offside, onside… Offside, onside….” The expert was at his best and somewhere, somehow ‘Bend it like Beckham’ was running on my mind.

“So get this straight… The offside rule is when the shell pasta is in between the pepper and our rotini…”

For the next half an hour I couldn’t but think about the craziness that had engulfed the whole college. Everyday a new hero was born and his exploits did the rounds of our coffee table and socializing joints.  It was a fortnight worth canvassing and locking away in our memory books. This is college life and all of us here were living it!!!

I believe a blog should never start with plain reporting, even if its purpose is one! There are ways to charm your audience: protocols that have been used by writers over the years to influence readers into submitting to some wishful mental imagery. For this article, I would like to state its pedigree by peeking through the mystifying lens of history.

Citius, Altius, Fortius: faster, higher and stronger. These are the Olympian ideals that guide people, spurring them on to achieve ever greater heights in their lives. It is no coincidence that the modern day Olympics aspires to such lofty ideals, setting the standards that the athletes must live up to in their pursuit of excellence. And it is no coincidence that as business school students, these are the exact same ideals that drive us to excel. So what better way to manifest this spirit than a sporting extravaganza organized in its full glory!

In ancient Greece, the Olympic Games were held in honor of the Gods who presided over mount Olympus. The games were a holy celebration of effort and sportsmanship. In much the same spirit, over a period of 15 days, Great Lakes Institute of Management was transformed into a sporting arena where the sports warrior amongst us heeded the call of competition and took to the playing field. What followed were brilliant displays of technique and power that were not merely entertaining but positively dazzling.

Great Lakes sports fiesta was an organized series of acts and performances that unfolded in an emotional backdrop.  It was unrehearsed but practiced, relentless but rewarding.  The emotional tinge to the event was courtesy to the fact that the four sections (S1, S2, S3 & S4) in which the Spartan current batch was divided were being dissolved as the electives season approached.  It was perhaps the last time that the sections were together as a unit and this added to the emotional quotient of the tournament.  Some fondly called it a split-up season while others waited for the breakup parties. The campus was brimming with an undeniable energy of youthful verve – everywhere you looked you could see the Saina(s) and Tendulkar(s) walking hand in hand and sharing their thoughts on the sports meet.  Mortals were fermenting into poets and spirits were turning all high!

In keeping with the true Olympian tradition, there were a multitude of games to participate in. From the traditional football, basketball and shuttle to board games, a wide range of events were available for the players. The excellent on campus games infrastructure was put to good use, with qualifying, quarter finals and semifinal matches occurring every evening immediately after classes, with games going on well into mid night. Each of these matches was host to enthusiastic crowds cheering for their respective class mates. Every successful move drew roars of approval from the crowds causing the entire hostel to vibrate with the decibels. Throughout the events there was a festive air about the venues, almost a carnival atmosphere that was a source of enjoyment and pleasure to both players and onlookers.

Imagine sitting in a lecture, listening absently to your professors with minds running helter shelter on what’s in store for the evening elsewhere!!! Some games between Spartans were true gems, gravity defying boomerangs and epitome of true sportsmanship moments. These shall always occupy the legendary tales on our platter of good times when we look back on our stay at Great Lakes.

Some highlights:

  1. The most heated match of the Table Tennis tournament was – TT doubles b/w Sridhar/Kashish v/s Sumit/Anurag – a match that created enthusiasm in the event for Spartans and tested the will of every supporter who nonetheless never cared about the spin on the ball or the depth in shots, who were there to blindly support their sections. We witnessed the height of cheering and the ‘dabba banging antics’ of Saurabh Srivastav(melaram, as we fondly call him) for which he had to put band-aids next day and surely this act would have made the famous ‘Sivamani’ recompose some of his tunes!!!
  2. The next most heated events were in badminton – major matches were played b/w 11pm-2 am and there were multitude of spectators for these matches. People were unable to complete their assignments properly because of these matches, some lost grades others sleep; there are such good memories of badminton matches that represented the spirit of sportsmanship that my penned account cannot truly reflect on the same!

a. In a semi-final badminton match where Swati (S3) played Against Neeti (S2) – the match had a nail biting finish where the match ended in the final set with Neeti as the winner.

b. Badminton finals match between Avnish from S3 and Sridhar S2. Match started around 1:15 in the night and the entire men’s 4th block was jam packed to see the finals and it was a final worth watching also. The eventual winner was Sridhar with the match going into the final set of best of 3.

This is what some Spartans had to say about the match:

“They say champions fight all odds, rise from the ashes and pump their fist in victory … To my friend, group mate and a true champion!! Take a bow”

– Siddharth Radhakrishnan

“Some games are not played between sections, nor between people, sometimes it is the game tha plays, all by itself. This game was one such game.”

-SriHarsha Bandaluppi

3. Basketball match between S2 & S3 girls: The score line was 24 -6 in favor of S3 where Swati Arora scored 20 points alone… Basketball match between S1 & S4, where S4 were kind of underdogs but they won by a mere margin of a single point.

4. The finals of football match between S3 and S2 had everyone biting their nails as the match couldn’t be finished in the extra time and went into penalties where eventually S3 won.

Interesting  Facebook status updates:

1.      “Rise and fall, a reality after all, Moments to cherish are too blurred to scroll… Flocking us together was a herculean task, Executed to perfection behind facial mask… Hearty thanks to every effort and sweat, Making our evening memorable and conquering every threat… Achieving the infinite is our story and try, Spartans no doubt will always fly high…”

– Mohd Imran Athar

2. S2 Football News: “Mighty S2 beat skilled S3 by 1-0”

Nilotpal scored an ecstatic goal in the second half giving little scope to the ever so technically sound S3. S3’s dream of being the Spartan Football champion took a hit when the muscle of S2 tactically nudge the football between the legs of the goalkeeper. The game however came to a turmoil when S2’s captain Kunnu missed an easy goal that even the oldest woman on earth could kick. However, great saves by kotler and the two defenders Hari and Sudu saved Kunnu’s ass yet again. S3 were very disciplined and strategic in their game, while they imposed on disabling Kunnu by tripping him and fouling him. But who knew that Kunnu was only a decoy and the real game was being played by the other 4, the substitutes and the enchanting crowd of S2.”

–          Special correspondent , Najeeb Imran khan

3. ES2PN: Highlight of day 2. It’s unfortunate when the best player of the sport is out injured; but even in injury Aishwaraya showed that his is a couple of classes above the rest of the best volleyball players in GLIM. Boom, boom, boom, boom!. Four bullet serves left the crowed completely stunned. Gravity defying high speed flat trajectory that could not be returned. We wish him a speedy recovery just like his serves. – Nilotpal Sinha

4. Spartans, we are like the sunlight & shade: when there is a lot of study we are found in our holes , but when there is none we can be found anywhere- facebooking , playing cricket , planning for event of ganesh chaturthi, some karmayogis & onam planning , then comes the planning of electives ,where a lot of inventions for many people are yet to happen. So overall By the Greatlakes forecast department – today will be an eventful day with some muddrops of OB & bouncers of QM, some creativity in Rangoli & some tussle in musical chair , some rivalry in lemon race .. oh no.. all are pessimistic words *(tussle rivalry) – but thats the magic . Be ready to cheer for your teams in the sports events. At last happy cheering!! – Rohit Agrawal


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7 Responses to GL Sports Meet 2011

  1. Great words ! The meet was totally worth these magic words.

  2. Dagar katyal says:

    Nice shashwat..
    Thanks u didn’t mentioned our basketball match!!!

  3. Suprabhat says:

    Nicely captured the whole event….. Great job Shashwat!!!!!

  4. Ashish says:

    Nice work !!!!

  5. My fav part of the story:

    “… even the oldest woman on earth could kick. However, great saves by kotler and the two defenders Hari and Sudu saved Kunnu’s ass yet again.”

    – Special correspondent , Najeeb Imran khan

  6. Simply fantastic to hear about the Sports Meet! 🙂

    Remember to take part in the IMT Sports Meet in Ghaziabad, NCR, when it happens…Administration was very supportive and paid half air-fare for a contingent of 25 players.

    Organize another sports meet in 2012, I say! 🙂 Wish I was there in Chennai…would have played from the alumni side against you boys!

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