HR Conclave 2011 – Great Lakes Institute of Management

Next to excellence is the appreciation of it.
~William Makepeace Thackeray

Today Great Lakes institute of Management welcomes the plethora of dynamic HR professionals, B School Students and the eminent faculty for the Great Lakes HR conclave 2011. The air is crisp with professionals running off to make the last minute mark, women making their best effort to fill the feminine sanctity with an ardent art. They say to be a  minute editor one has to be a fine observer and right then you come across Dr. Bala V Balachandran and you are sure to who are we competing in marking everything picture perfect. Few flashes of lights, a surreal pause and the event begins.

Vishal and Ramya, explore the marks of inclusive experiential process and script the beginning to one of the finest events that one could come across in an MBA school. With a touch of purity by Pratibha’s eloquent prayer and the lighting of the lamp by Prof. Sriram (Executive Director, Great Lakes institute of Management) and Dr. Bala V Balachandran (Founder & Dean, Great Lakes Institute of Management) HR Conclave 2011 genesised.

Dr Bala Balachandran extended a warm welcome to all distinguished personalities, students, faculties and to the highest resource of any company, the HR. Signifying the importance of three pillars of a country and equally for a company the people, the technology and the prose’s Dr. Balachandran focused on the development of any company with the help of the outstanding galaxy of people who take the highest asset of any organization to a different pinnacle. Greeting the esteemed fraternity of HR who joined Great lakes institute of management in HR Conclave 2011, Uncle Bala commemorated the release of Great Lakes Journal on Late Dr. C. K. Prahalad, a special edition by Dr. Ashok Chandra & Mr. Benedict Parmanand (Editor Management Next media & Publications LLP) to celebrate his life and achievements. Following the announcement of the second edition of Great Lakes journal in the event of L’Attitude 1305 to accomplish the legacy of Late Dr. C.K. Prahald, Uncle Bala also informed the collaboration of the first executive MBA program with the Bauer college, Texas, USA staring on 7th of January in the coming year. Warmly extending his welcome to all present Uncle Bala opened the session for the Key note speaker Dr. Satish Pradhan, (Chief – group HR, Tata Sons Ltd).

Dr. Satish Pradhan welcomed the session with his greetings to all. Sharing his insights over Dr. C. K. Prahalad, he poured his heartfelt gratitude for the late management guru who influenced all at par with his inspirational quality and his capability to encourage all.

“You would realize that the words used by Bala are deeply felt by a very large number of people, who r invested very deeply by C.K. He is vibrant, simulated and energetic”

Over the changing aspect of the world he marked over significant issues such as changing of weights towards India and China and equally the development of Consumer confidence index in India which makes a significance competitive advantage over all other countries leveraging the economic growth to all together a different pinnacle.

Concentrating on the Indian pool of talent Dr Satish focuses on the mammoth of education hub that India has come up to be with 2.5 million graduates every year.

“There is a great strength here but it is killed if we don’t leverage it”

He further condensed his talk with a special significance to one of the largest challenge faced by organizations is the development of future leaders. He leveraged by saying that One needs to focus not on what makes sense to him but on what makes sense to the world exactly spotting on to an extremely important topic of continuously staying ahead in technology, in thinking and in the quality of business that we do.

“The most imp agenda for us is the development of leaders for the future. If we pay attention to that, we will have planted trees that would become great forests in the future.”

Dr. Satish captured the audience with his emphatic intensity of discussion which came to a conclusion with a significant expectation that one holds from the behemoth of young B school graduates and that being that each one of us must be a multiplier of what potential C.K. Prahalad and Uncle Bala holds.

The conclave further invited Dr. Ashok Chandra (Head – Strategy & Shared Services, GATI) who interestingly emphasized the effectiveness of the change in DNA’s (Differential Natural Attributes) that an HR executive would need, to find a mergence with the business, by which the potential of an HR would multiply to manifolds bridging the gap which is significantly felt in many organizations between an HR leader and a business leader.

Great Lakes HR conclave approached the conclusion of its morning session with the vote of thanks by Prof. Sriram (Executive director, Great Lakes Institute of Management) along with the inauguration of its internal magazine Gravity, Prof. Sriram thanked the dignitaries on behalf of the entire Great Lakes fraternity and concluded the first part of the event with enthusiasm and verve to look forward in this panorama of an intellectual meet.

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Debashree Chatterjee

Photographs: Shiva Jeevanantham & Dagar Katyal

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  1. Divya Monga says:

    Very well written 🙂

  2. sushantmidha says:

    An insightful session indeed! Its amazing the way GreatLakes has given its students a platform to engage with the Best of HR professions of the nation.

  3. dagar katyal says:


  4. Very well written…. Article has really capture the pulse of the amazing event HR Conclave’11 …..

  5. Namrata Singh says:

    Beautiful post!

  6. Himanshu Yadav says:

    written wonderfully!

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  8. Vaibhav Mehrotra says:

    fabulous… great Show!!!

  9. Eklovya Jain says:

    Great Work….

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