Arghhh Arghhh Arghhh !!!

We put on our eye-patch, tied the bandana, polished our hooks, picked our mugs and screamed “Spartaaa” as we set sail in to the great lake, searching for the lost treasure…

No no, this is not a spoof of the Pirates or 300. What we are talking about here is much more fun – Great Lakes presents the Great Treasure Hunt (Psst.. It would be unfair if I did not mention the organizing team here.. Team BPR, You guys rock!).

What fun is a treasure hunt without a whacky tea

m?? Believe me, ours was no less.. Our team had 7 vibrant people – Miss E, Miss P, Miss R, Miss SK, Miss. SP, Mr. A & Mr. R. We called ourselves the Mango PeopleAam Janta in the native language.

The events kick started in the sacred Basketball arena with about 33 teams participating. With multitude of teams registering for what was a stress buster midst the hectic schedules, Team BPR came up with a brilliant plan to reduce the head count, what is commonly known as the elimination procedure.  The round required that we identify this one person who could gobble up 3 rice cakes quicker than the blink of an eye. Now came the problem. With the team predominantly comprising girls, there were only two rays of hope – Mr. A & Mr. R.  After hours of discussion and 5 cups of coffee, Mr. R volunteered to sacrifice his snacks to enjoy the delicacy awaiting him. Poor Mango People, thought the competitors, for a 2 year old could eat quicker than him! With a lot of pressure from the opposition but loads of support from his friends, Mr. R braced himself to prove the world wrong. And what happened you ask? Mr. R not only made us proud, he was one among the fastest ones.. So “ha” to all of u who thought you were going to win!

Things were only getting exciting. The treasure hunt was just starting and we were already high on our first victory. As we picked our first clue, we had just one thought – the glowing gleaming treasure.. awaiting our arrival.. just wanting to belong to us. It was not long before we were running all over the place, yelling and then came the victory dance when we found our second clue. Thirty two seconds later came the second victory dance and another thirty nine seconds later, the third. We danced our way through the final clue as our fellow pirates watched us with green green eyes. Ten minutes.. that’s all we took.. Ten minutes. Hearts pounding, sweating, we opened the treasury… There she was.. what a beauty.. We cried like two year olds.. out of joy.. for we had found it!!  We sat in silence, for we couldn’t believe our eyes..

The feeling was overwhelming.. So wonderful.. so blissful.. That was the last of sanity..   Then there was a sudden outburst of emotions in the form of screaming, shouting, Wohoooooooooooooo… What we did post that is not something I am proud of but I must admit, it was a lot of fun.. We sat there.. watching the others run desperately around.. searching for their clues.. sometimes their first; calling out to people.. telling them how we had won in a record time of ten minutes… Not very encouraging when you are on the receiving end and you have three clues waiting to be uncovered. It took the other two teams, what seemed like centuries, to find the final clue and we were as well behaved as well behaved can be.

Overall, it was a great experience.. fun filled and energy packed. I can’t thank the organizing committee enough for this wonderful day..  Team BPR, when is the next one?? I have my sleeves rolled up.


Sowmya K Kumar

From Team 21 – Treasure Hunt

With ~ Anurag Tiwari, Ekta Yadav, Prachi Sawant, Raghavendra, Ritika Diwan & Shraddha Pandya

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Great Lakes Blogger from Spartans Batch 2012.
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