The exploration of a human mind

The exploration of human mind is unfathomable; it spreads wide across, beyond the boundaries of imagination. It is an element so deep, hidden within the wraps of unconscious efforts, that right inside is a small little box of desires, beliefs and passion which explodes with every open window of opportunity, with ray of light, with every hope of tomorrow. Yes, mind is ever expansive in its exploration to the outer world driven by the insanity of one’s desires, beliefs and passion.

History is patient enough to agree that no great place was ever born because of a piece of land. Great places have come into existence because of the great minds which ignite the torch held high at every cross roads. And this piece of land is no different. This school is not only enlivened by eminent teachers but by a behemoth of earnest learners, who have unraveled the secret of their bottled intellect and have fast driven into the lanes of glory. One such among us is an engineer, a mathematician, a photographer and an MBA to be.

It was night 1 A.M. when actually the PR team sits with this virtuoso to gauge what goes inside the temples of a fascinated mind. By fascinated the certainty of ones craziness is not diminished rather it is extrapolated a million more times to know the very reason of this enthrallment, the very reason of the restlessness of that small little box we spoke about. And all that was needed was just a small nudge to let the story begin; the intensity of one’s desire didn’t stop at being a mathematician, an engineer or a photographer. It went on to be an ardent painter, an entrepreneur and a calm listener. One by one the pages from the past flipped through and stood still the day when Nilotpal Kanti Sinha enrolled at the New York Institute of Photography, one of the largest and the oldest schools of photography in the world.

Fortunately I was working at onsite in Hollywood which is the glamour capital of the world, where I could see the scales at which professional photography was done. Here I came in touch with Ash Gupta, one of Hollywood’s leading celebrity photographers. I learned one simple thing; 99.99% of all the money in photography is in the fashion, advertisement and glamour genre

And that’s been the catapult for this dream chaser to be a professional fashion photographer as he dusted off a studio in Bangalore. But is it where all things started or there has been a flashback to all his accomplishments? With the prick of such an exclamation there’s a flipside to this fashion photographer who delves into some serious conversation when it comes to his research into the field of mathematics. Fortunate to be mentored and guided by one of the greatest Indian mathematicians of the twentieth century Prof. K. Ramachandra from TIFR, Nilotpal started his research work in number theory which took him a whole of seven years to complete.

In 2003, I saw certain common patterns in four different branches of mathematics which could mean only one thing that there is some hidden relation that is connecting all this branches of mathematics. I began working on this and used to get results in bits and pieces. It took me seven years to get the final equations and put forward a theory

His co-researcher Prof. Marek Wolf, a renowned quantum physicist and an expert in computational mathematics carried out the tests to verify the theory at the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Warsaw, Poland.

The computer ran non-stop for seven months before it gave the results. The theory is correct!

And right at that moment sitting in front of him watching him talk his life out of his heart, you would feel to jump and scream “Eureka”.  Nilotpal finally published his coveted results with a distinguish to be accepted at the NASA Astrophysics Database of Harvard University.

The bistro guy was watching dazed as to what few morbid can talk so interesting in the middle of the night keeping him awake for the endless coffee’s where all he can think of is to shut his door down and snooze to sleep. How well he knew that a true Spartan was being unraveled of his talents with him being the alibi at a judge’s court.  As you start counting your fingers … A mathematician, a Professional Photographer, An Engineer already and lo you catch the missing link ‘The Entrepreneur’

I started a company along with 2 of my school friends. It was based on import model of consumer electronics i.e. to import electronics goods form the manufacturing powerhouses like China and Taiwan, and sell in India. Mostly B2B sales

It was like the finishing stroke of a painter at the closure of which you hardly find any faults and all you can make believe is a dream captured within a soul of a painting.

Life is too short for those who know no boundaries that can seal them from the treasure of knowledge and right when you listen to someone talk or read to one who wished to explore the unknown territories you realise that the limitations of life does not exists to those who count their life not by the number of years but by the worth of knowledge they imbibe.

A fashion photographer, a researcher who is listed amidst the likes of Albert Einstein and Amrtya Sen by the University of Oakland, a mathematician, an entrepreneur, an engineer and an MBA in the making … you wonder is this just one single person or a multitude of desires that have come together to be a human beyond the limitations of scholarly achievements. When you ask him, as to what leads to attain such varied facets of life and probably with a smile you will get a reply

You get to live only once. I want to do everything.

To the world he must be a million solutions to a million problems, to the future he might be just another star in the moonlight, a reason for inspiration. To us he is and will be

Nilotpal Kanti Sinha, a Spartan from the batch of 2012, Great Lakes Institute of Management

A pioneer to a batch of undefeatable!


Debashree Chatterjee

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Great Lakes Blogger from Spartans Batch 2012.
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4 Responses to The exploration of a human mind

  1. pranav says:

    respect…….true missed to mention one point though….:he is also a gym addict 😀 and jujutsu trained…

  2. Mehta says:

    wow.. thats real talent…mathematician and mba….

  3. Ankita Jain says:

    Perseverance epitomized!

  4. Ritika says:

    Never knew this.. Neel.. this is simply amazing… RESPECT!!
    Thanks Debashree for this superb initiative.

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