A Bright Shining Light – An insight of a Karma Yogi

What a day!!!!

Dear All,

I am very proud today. Extremely happy to be part of this wonderful event that happened in Manamai. For the past couple of days, the Karma Yogis of Manamai were planning an eye camp for people in Manamai and the nearby villages. With problems cropping up every other day, with “n” number of permissions to be obtained from various people in the village to conduct the camp , with finding the best available date to conduct this camp that would be feasible(for the villagers, for the NGO and the students), the entire group was apprehensive whether this event would even happen…Well that was till yesterday, Today the Karma Yogis of Manamai and a few Karma Yogis of other villages proved that with dedication, sincerity, enthusiasm and hard work everything is possible. Two things that were constantly in my mind before this event and while the event was happening were the following words from two people –

Venkat Sir : Don’t lose hope

Archana Madam : Hold your nerve, you are doing good, nothing wrong will happen.

Starting our day @ 8 in the morning till around 2 in the afternoon, we along with Mahavir International(the NGO) helped 157 people to see better. The way our team gelled and worked, nothing could have gone wrong. It was simply put OUR DAY.  More than anything else, if anybody asks any one of us about what we gained through this, I can’t answer you because I have no words to explain the happiness, the pride and the wonderful feeling that we have got inside of us. You have got to experience it to know it!

  • I would like to thank Entire Manamai team who contributed to this event in one way or the other – Kiran, Poonam Chhabria, Vivek, Gokulendu,  Koustav, Pramod,  Prachi,  Saumil,  jananee,  Abhishu, Yasaswini,  Ronak,  Rohan,  Abhay Bohra and Badri.
  • Aravind(He was not even part of our group – A true Karma Yogi as Venkat Sir puts it)
  • The students from other village Karma Yoga groups who helped us in canvassing the event in their villages.

It’s been a great day!!!


Ganesh Kumar

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Great Lakes Blogger from Spartans Batch 2012.
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One Response to A Bright Shining Light – An insight of a Karma Yogi

  1. coolshiv says:

    I still remember the eye camp I was part of…Narendran and Ahalya were the true karma yogis I could recollect from our batch then…

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