Part1: An MBA by accident!

There have been numerous articles penned down to discourse on how an MBA college should function. Many such reports promote the brand by differentiating on their offerings while others diplomatically preach Vedic tantrums on subjects of leadership and management.

But behind every philosophical doctrine (managerial or otherwise), there is a story. The story telling is taped back to times when a guy called Adam cooked a tale to infuse love into his beautiful Eve over an Apple date in the Garden of Eden. Since that old will of the Judeo mythology, from a New Year day to the New Year’s Eve, every twelvemonth the mortals continued to sport the game of a story-teller.

The sleazy writers, the sham journalists and even the choking grannies with their superlative accents, all turn experts wooing the aahs and the oohs of their star struck masses.

It’s like looking into a sea of obtuse faces too eager to be told about the fantasies, about the deceit and the fraudulent magic of the Harry Potters, the witching art and deception that comes free with the craziness of a narrative.

Story telling is a celebration of thoughts, of ideas recited and retold to mark the beginning of the end that is life. So today, from the room of an MBA student at the flushing green meadows of Great Lakes, overseeing the most desirable mango grooves, I, an MBA by accident and a writer by choice will take you into the world of an MBA student.

In a lighter vein, MBA – masters of business administration can be redefined as ‘Mai Banunga Ambani’ when we start the course which, unfortunately is rephrased to ‘Murderer of Brand Assets’ when we end it.

So what goes in this transformational journey – from a budding almond to a pity peanut! Is this just a satirical way of penning reality or there are certain aspects which an MBA student should watch out!

Today, I start a new chapter in the lives of the fraternity of the brightest lots covering aspects of managerial disciplines to providing doctorates in the area of love and social affair…

(to be continued)

Disclaimer: This series of articles are completely fictional and any resemblance to any place/person is purely coincidental. Nothing in this article is intended to replace common sense, legal, medical or other professional advice, and is not meant to inform but just to entertain the reader. Happy reading 🙂

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2 Responses to Part1: An MBA by accident!

  1. Ramesh Nair says:

    what is the advantage of greatlaker over ignou mba as they say here:

  2. Supriya Prasad says:

    Hey, are you the one who got selected for FTII?

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