The other side of the midnight…

“It was 7 in the evening with the night sky almost whitish and clouds all over… “Thunder wow!!” Spoke one of the many who religiously worships the basketball court. No wonder, after-all sports and rain have an ethereal connection. In fact not only with rain, in this campus you just need to utter “let’s Play” and there you go a bay of line either smashing the TT ball, roaring their adrenaline at the foosball table or just jumping high for the sky and basking in the glory of a slam dunk… such is the crazy we love to call ourselves”

But this blog is not just about those sports crazy Spartans. It’s about us, the all of us; it’s about the energy … the verve… the enthusiasm… the everything that I have seen here in every walking mortal.


Not long back I walked into a hot Chennai afternoon and stood watching the tower of reflection and I wondered what is it that I have come here for?  I’m sure even though we would have churned the last cells of our brain before stepping into this institution, someday or the other, we all might have asked ourselves this question … yet another time… What is it that I have come here for?

Be it those swooshing cyclists ready to take the streets of Manamai with the first ray of dawn or those emphatic photographers who needless to say can observe the drops while it rains. Be it those who break the barriers of language and can delve all of us into the melody of music or be it that silent onlooker who would sit shyly at the corner bistro table and read peoples mind.

We all have a method in which we feel things and that’s what probably makes us a little different than those outside the walls of this institution. We all might not be virtuosos in statistical analysis neither in the nitty-gritty’s of marketing but we all have something unique which has brought us together, right in the middle of this surreal world  to share, build and strive to make not just ourselves but all of us the best.  This very difference, our uniqueness is what’s common in us, what binds us together. Otherwise I for one am very sure that no force, no authority and no society can teach you Salsa, Jive, Jazz, photography, music, economics, foosball, Tamil, Chinese and so much more in 30 days.

Just like the company of two who would sit through the night in the stairs of amphitheater watching the stars go by. I am sure sometimes we all looked through the empty college campus in the middle of the night and asked ourselves… what is it that I am here for?

Is it that half hearted job, that social pressure of being better than the others that had us push through to be here? Or is that last chance to build what we desired, do what we couldn’t and be what we always wanted to be that has brought us here.

That small burning flame right at the corner of our heart waiting for us to become anything but ordinary, I say that has brought us here.


“Almost 12 in the night now and it started pouring… few running off for the hostel … few for the coffee and few standing with their arms wide open letting the rain seep in … their first Chennai rain… mild yet daunting… cool yet aggressive. A lone seeker goes for another slam dunk into the darkness of a raining sky … welcoming the other side of the midnight”


Debashree Chatterjee


About Debashree

Great Lakes Blogger from Spartans Batch 2012.
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31 Responses to The other side of the midnight…

  1. Dagar Katyal says:

    It seems i am standing in middle of everything and enjoying the show.. awesome read. !!

  2. Mayank says:

    nice post !!!

  3. Nilotpal says:

    We can relate to each and every word for we are all going through this and we are all consciously aware of it. Just feels like I have plucked a page from my GLIM diary.

  4. Pratisha says:

    Way to go…keep up the good work:)

  5. Hitesh says:

    Great one!! It seems that every spartans is writing a experience of his life through your words!

  6. Abhilash says:

    Very good…keep up the great work…

  7. Pranita says:

    Awesome read!!

  8. Debdyuti says:

    Great work Debashree… rain truely brings out a different ‘I’ in every one … and last one month has been such a wonderful and unique experience for everyone… u hav captured it really well… 🙂

  9. Jaywant says:

    Superb Post…Reading the post is like travelling through time…This post when read after we graduate would really bring a nostaligic feeling…

    Great Work..!!!!!

  10. Raghavendra B says:

    good one…all spartan’s emotions are captured in this blog!!!

  11. Cool ! A good beginning for Spartans and continuation of Siva & Aarti’s contributions Keep it up . I am sure we will see a lot more in days to come.

  12. ashutosh bisht says:

    Nery nic, I can close my eyes after reading this and can imagine everyting tats written……
    keep it up guys…

  13. Prateek Mathur says:

    Great work Debashree.!!

  14. Nikhilesh Murthy says:

    Nice to see the first post from the Spartans… and good to see GL has ensured that everyone has the same experience when they walk in…. Cheers and Good luck to all!

    – Nikhilesh Murthy (Patriots – 2010)

  15. Great post Debs ! Attagirl !!

  16. Divya Gupta says:

    Just Awesome, i was the priveleged one to get a chance to read it before anyone else, and i told you it was wonderful 🙂

    You have just poured into words what we all feel

    Way to go debs!!!!!

    Wish you all the best and all the spartans 🙂

  17. Nidhi Chadha says:

    Wow! Awesome post.. made me feel very nostalgic 😦 Last year when we had our first rains all of us went kind of crazy that night.. it was pouring! Just went and checked those pics after reading this 🙂
    All the best Spartans!
    Nidhi (Gladiators – Batch of 2011)

  18. prachiworld says:

    good work..:)

  19. Saloni Goel says:

    Raining Expressions girl..Accolades…:)

  20. Shuchita Shekhar says:

    Capturing emotions in words and then making them come alive every time they are read is an art in itself and you are an amazing artist!! Awesome beginning Debs… ! 🙂

  21. Richa says:

    You have so beautifully expressed your thoughts , rather i would say “our” thoughts.. great start juhi 🙂
    Eagerly waiting for more to come. 🙂 🙂

  22. Kushagra prasad says:

    Beautifully scripted, nice work debashree..!!

  23. Anshul Sharma says:

    Awesumest..!! U captured the feelings of Spartans beautifully.

  24. Uday says:

    Debashree… thts beautifully written… A real delight to read… 🙂

  25. Mandeep says:

    nice one 🙂 keep it up ..

  26. DIvya Monga says:

    Very well written Juhi..
    All the emotions very beautifully captured..
    I can feel every moment described by you as if it has happened today evening..

    nd at end I also found out why were you a little lost that beautiful evening.. madam was busy capturing the moments around her.. 🙂

    keep up the wonderful work..

  27. Thanks a lot to all 🙂

  28. amarharish says:

    Great start. Let creativity start flowing.


  29. Kashish Bansal says:

    Emotions are captured very nicely and creatively. I really enjoyed the read.
    P.S. It deserves a read once again as it rained today 🙂

  30. Utpal Chatterjee says:

    It will be less if I call it excellent. You were able to express by words. Pl carry on. My support will always be there.

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