Fifth Yale-Great Lakes Conference – Highlights

The Yale-Great Lakes Center for Management Research aims to promote, facilitate and advance India-centric Management related research, which contributes to the development of basic and applied knowledge in the field of management. The fifth conference was conducted by the center on 26th December 2010 at the Great Lakes campus here.

(L to R) : S.K. Shanti, Venkat.R.Krishnan, Shyam Sunder

Dr. Venkat.R.Krishnan, Director of the center, was the first to address the attendees. He traced the history of the conference over the last 4 years. Quoting Swami Vivekananda and drawing inspiration from the Upanishads, he said that sensual pleasures belong to the lower human beings and that higher human beings strive for something different. In saying that the objective of conferences like Yale-Great Lakes is the pursuit of “Intellectual pleasure”, he seemed to emphasize clearly how important research is. The welcome address was delivered by Uncle Bala. He remarked that management education should strike the right balance between research and teaching. In his trademark style, he said that, at Great Lakes, there is a perfect combination of academic elegance and business relevance. Great Lakes also has its own research journal – Herald.

V. "Seenu" Srinivasan presenting on "What if marketers put customers ahead of profits?"

Shyam Sunder, James L. Frank Professor of Accounting, Economics and Finance, Yale School of Management presented a paper on ‘Policy research in Management’. Speaking of social sciences as instruments of social engineering, he said that free will and laws of human behavior do not sit together easily. He lamented on the fact that, researchers labeling correlation as a cause is becoming more of a rule than an exception in research journals. V. “Seenu” Srinivasan presented a work on ‘What if marketers put customers ahead of profits?’ This theoretical research used mathematical game theory and examined multiple scenarios involving firms focused on profit maximization vis-a-vis firms focused on customer surplus maximization.

The conference then proceeded with participants presenting their research papers. The research areas were diverse and covered finance, marketing, Operations and Organizational Behavior apart from others. In the afternoon session, Neharika Vohra, Executive committee member, center for innovation incubation and entrepreneurship, IIM Ahmedabad, presented a work on ‘Alienation among knowledge workers: Concept, Measure and Determinants’. The research tried to bring forth the alienation predictors among employees in knowledge industries.

In all, nearly 30 papers were presented by participants from eminent institutes and industries across the country. The conference concluded with a formal Vote of Thanks.

-Sivaraman Natarajan

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