What it takes to be the NextGen Company?

Mr. Krishna Prasad, Global head for Delivery, UST Global, addressed this question as part of a lecture series conducted by THE HINDU Business line at the Great Lakes Campus. This post highlights key points made by him during the lecture.

 In today’s business environment, both consumers and companies are undergoing a transformation, albeit, one that is not of the in-your-face kind, but nevertheless at a very fundamental level. While consumers are placing a lot of emphasis on having a great experience (high touch and high value), companies are caring for the community and the environment. This care stems out of a legitimate concern for the environment rather than just being regulations driven. Companies are also taking every effort to holistically tap their workforce, thereby trying to maximize its potential.

Mr. Krishna Prasad delivering the lecture

So, what does it take to be an organization of tomorrow? A few very important things –

  • A clear identity – Companies should move from communicating just the ‘What’ to including the ‘Why’. There should be substantial consistency in the delivery of message, service, product that is aligned with the overall strategic objectives.
  • Active listening- This applies across the whole spectrum of stakeholders from the employees to the end consumers.
  • A fluid organizational culture – This structure should be designed for change and shouldn’t fit individuals into boxes. It should be oriented towards creating opportunities for the workforce.
  • Innovation culture – This should be a democratized phenomenon. The employees should feel empowered to take risks; failures should not be penalized.
  • Swift execution – An environment of rapid learning should be in-built in the organization’s cultural ethos.
  • Impact beyond business –The impact of the organization should stretch beyond its business and transform people’s lives in the community.

Gladiators interacting with Mr. Krishna Prasad after the lecture

What does it take to be a leader in NextGen organizations?

  • Global mindset – A mindset that is open to appreciating diversity
  • Risk taking – Ability to take chances and learn from them
  • Proactive in building teams
  • An ability to inspire others by demonstrating confidence and by bringing people together to collaborate
  • An ability to care for the customer by building relationships

 Following the lecture, we had a brief Q&A. Contemporary topics always strike all the right chords with the students and this certainly fitted the bill on that count.

– Sivaraman Natarajan

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