Finding fun and balance in a one year roller coaster

What never ceases to amaze me is how time passes by so quickly! It seems like only yesterday that I moved to Chennai and today I’m almost half-way through the course. We at Great Lakes have started with our specializations this term and life has been hectic for some. Of course, it promises to get worse with classes once the electives start in full swing. No one’s complaining though, since we’ve all mastered (what should be called) the MBA-life balance!

The Great Lakes PGPM being a one-year course definitely has more activity squeezed in a year than other 2-year courses, but that does not deter us from having fun. In fact, it has taught us to manage schedules in order to handle and experience the best of both worlds.

College events, festival celebrations, parties all contribute to adding the extra element of zing to the school life. Eat outs – whether right outside the institute or in nearby Mahabalipuram serve as a pleasant change to the everyday routine. Does it end there? No, the options are exhaustive and there is always something for everyone.

Great Lakers at the 'Endhiran' movie outing

Periodic movie outings are a given. Being in Chennai this year, I understood what the Rajni Mania is all about. Close to 100 students flocked to watch Endhiran at a city multiplex and be a part of “thalaivar’s” release. Apart from new releases, the entire batch also watches movies together on campus, the last two being Andaz Apna Apna and Sivaji. Trips to Pondicherry and Kodai are other options that I am yet to explore, but am told are brilliant and not to be missed!

The point in me listing all these elements of fun is simple – Most people view an MBA, especially a one-year course, as something that would suck the life out of you. Be assured that this does not mean we don’t have our quota of studies, assignments or pre-reads. We have enough and more of those, but we’ve come to understand that it is essential to take time out to bond and enjoy. The course will get to you… only if you let it.

– Megha

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